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    Ok so first game will be a one off with Sparte as DM, me Reno x10power taylord and locq on March 18th at 2:30 pm PST to get a feel for it all are welcome to watch and participate in the future ones


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      Twitch Name: Welcome_To_The_Machine
      Time Available: Most evenings. Only difficult nights are Wed & Fri between 8-11
      Experience with D&D: Solid year under the belt.
      Able to capture video and audio of self: Audio for sure, might need recommendations for video (i have mac camera)


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        Twitch Name: MadManMcCarty
        Previous Names: one and only / One - Man - Party

        Experience with DnD: I was introduced to the game in highschool, didn't get serious until August 2013. Started DMing in last couple of years. Had a tueTues group, and a Wednesday Group but no longer do either of them.

        Able to use Audio / Video: Yes.


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          Twitch Name: MadManMcCarty
          Previous Twitch Name: oneand0nly / one_man_party

          Experience with DnD: Was introduced to DnD in high school but then didn't really get involved with the game until September / October of 2013 and then by September of 2015 was when I had ran my first DnD game with schoolmates at a local community college then ran my 1st game at a game store by April of 2016. By November of 2018, I had to stop DMing due to traveling issues to the game stores.

          Availability: Wednesday night, Friday night, Sunday night are my best days for DnD.

          Able to do Audio and Video: Yes, I have a headset and laptop computer camera.


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            Twitch Name: zooperz (pic is of spaghetti, for confirmation)
            Time Available: Anything, except monday evenings, all day tuesday, and all day saterday.
            Experience with D&D: Playing for about three years, mainly 2e. But I am familiar with 5e.
            Able to capture video and audio of self: Yes

            I'm pretty low priority, this sounds fun; but if there's too many people, I don't mind getting the cut. I already play once a week.


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              Twitch Name: Arithium1
              Time Available: Any time during the weekends or after 5pm cst on weekdays
              Experience with D&D: None
              Able to capture video and audio of self: Yes

              Would prefer to see how one plays out before I join so I don't make a fool of myself.


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                Friday Evening looks the best so far for everyone


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                  Twitch Name: The_TayLord
                  Time Available: nothing solid. If I have to work I’m either home by 3:30pst or 8:30pst. Once things get settled again I can ask for specific days off ahead of time. Hopefully.
                  Experience with D&D: off and on casually over several years
                  Able to capture video and audio of self: yeah sure


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                    Twitch Name: Rickyisbored
                    Time Available: M-F 4:30pm EST - 1am EST Weekends All Day
                    Experience with D&D: 5th Edition level 5 cleric, no experience as DM, only as a player.
                    Able to capture video and audio of self: HD Webcam and Studio Mic as I normally stream.

                    What to do before we start: Honestly the most important thing for me is good spacial reference. If you have a good concept of the area you are in, and the things available to you in the rooms/dungeons/taverns (even stupid things, book cases, chairs, lanterns, miscellaneous objects) Then i think overall it will make for a better campaign. Obviously the most important thing with this is the maps. As long as the maps are good and story is clear, the campaign will be a great time.
                    Whatever else x10power may of missed: Cant think of much, the only thing would be if player character stats would be rolled by the GM / Pre Generated somehow.

                    **IMPORTANT** I truly and firmly believe the absolute most indespensable tool for DND is DND BEYOND.
                    This is integrated with twitch, will contain all of your campaigns, characters, inventories, the works.
                    it is a website, but it does act as an APP if used on your phone as well. This will also keep you up to date with your skill / level / damage / equipment changes as you progress, and automatically tell you the +Hit and Damage of any ability before you use it. It's really a beautiful app.

                    Hope I get to play with you Carn! Would be a great time!


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                      Hi Everyone!

                      Previous Twitch Usernames: OneManParty/MadManMcCarty/(this one currently)
                      Time Available: Monday Evenings, Tuesday Evenings (Possibly), Thursday Night (Possibly), Sunday Evenings(Possibly)
                      Experince with DnD: Played a little bit with friends in high school. Didnt get serious until August of 2013. Ran as DM for a group of college friends in 2016 and ran my first official game at a game store in April of 2016 or 2017.
                      Able to Capture video and audio of self: yes. Webcam from Laptop, USB Headset with Microphone attachment.
                      Resources: I have digital copies of books and modules. There is a website that hosts pdf files. I have found DnD Excel Sheets and for other rpg games.


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                        closing this thread will open a new one once im ready to relaunch the DnD