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The Story of ARK: The Island

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  • The Story of ARK: The Island

    The Story of ARK: The Island

    For those of you who have either read the explorer notes, or followed the series on my channel, you know how deep and amazing the story of ARK is. As promised, I'm bringing you a summary and wrap up of the entire story of the Island before we jump in to Scorched Earth.

    Table of Contents:

    The Authors: 1:14
    Explanation of The Island: 3:57
    Summary of the Story: 5:25
    End Game: 10:31
    Theories: 12:43

    Thanks again for watching and make sure to join me for Scorched Earth. Your support really does mean the world to me, and I appreciate every subscription!
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    Helena has memories of living in Australia. [Helena #1]

    Helena is a biologist. [Helena #1]

    The Island has no axial tilt and thus no seasons. [Helena #2]

    Helena knows Rockwell. [Helena #3]

    The creatures exist outside of their naturally known habitat climates. [Helena #4]

    The ecosystem is artificially balanced. [Helena #4/#5/#6]

    Creatures from different eras exist together in a static ecosystem artificially maintained. [Helena #5]

    There are more than 2x the amount of predators than prey on the island. [Helena #6]

    Helena speculates that the the ecosystem is being monitored and curated [Helena #6]

    Helena ponders how the floating obelisks and high tek platforms in caves imply something unnatural [Helena #7]

    Rockwell states that the Island doesn't follow the scientific laws we're used to [Helena #8]

    The Oceans ecosystem is also unbalanced with a over-abundant amount of aggressive predators. [Helena #10]

    Creature gestation is 44x faster than on on Earth. [Helena #11]

    Creatures that shouldn't be domesticatable are easily domesticated on the Island. [Helena #12]

    The Island is a zoo [Helena #13]

    The island is not natural [Helena #14]

    Helena speculates that the Island's creatures may have had a genetic history of human obedience [Helena #15]

    Helena knows Mei-Ying [Helena #17]

    There's an overabundance of prey regardless of the amount of predators. [Helena #17]

    Creature birth and growth rates are remarkably unnatural. [Helena #17]

    Domesticated creatures that should fight don't fight each other. [Helena #18]

    The Island's creatures have a genetic history of domestication for at least decades. [Helena #19]

    The Island's creature population is being controlled. [Helena #19]

    The Island's creatures are genetically modified. [Helena #19]

    Someone put the creatures on the Island intentionally. [Helena #20]

    The three artifacts obtained from the bosses unlock the tek cave platform. [Helena #23/#24]

    Helena knows Nerva [Helena #27]

    Helena's last note on the Island was before entering the tek cave. [Helena #29]