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  • Scorched Earth Helena Notes

    • Helena selected the "Scorched Earth" Ark from a console showing a hologram of multiple Arks. [Helena SE #1]
    • Creatures in the ark are genetically engineered. [Helena SE #2/#8]
    • The Arks are Space Stations that regulate and maintain an artificial ecosystem [Helena SE #6/#7]
    • The Ark's environment is contained by a holographic horizon and natural barriers [Helena SE #7]
    • Helena knows there are other space stations/arks [Helena SE #7]
    • All the Arks are a grand experiment and each Ark is an experimental group [Helena SE #7]
    • Helena believes Mei-Yin joined her on the trip to Scorched Earth but got separated [Helena SE #9]
    • Rockwell is British [Helena SE #13]
    • Helena implied that when transferring to an Ark, the destination side see's a portal with visible spectacle [Helena SE #22]
    • Confirms that the Ark is a space station [Helena SE #22/#25]
    • Wyverns are genetically engineered [Helena SE #23]
    • Rockwell joins Helena on Scorched Earth [Helena SE #26]
    • Transfer portals travel through time and space [Helena SE #26]
    • Helena knows Raia [Helena SE #28]
    • Raia implies that if humans get too advanced, the obelisk destroys them [Helena SE #27]
    • The "curators" of the space stations monitor human behavior and intervene by resetting human progress [Helena SE #27]
    • Wali/Raia implies that you can only transfer off Scorched Earth once you have defeated the manticore boss (aka Guardian) [Helena SE #28]
    • The city of Nosti was destroyed by the obelisk itself [Helena SE #29, Dahkeya SE #26, Raia SE #25]
    • There is an implication that the tek cave ascension sends you to a "control center" station. [Helena SE #29]
    • The transporter for transfer off the ark is in ruins of Nosti south of the mountains that was destroyed by the obelisks [Helena SE #29]

    • Nerva is an Ancient Roman Centurion from Roman Dacia between 106 CE and 275 CE [Nerva #2]
    • Nerva knows Rockwell [Nerva #12]
    • Nerva and Rockwell call the Island "the ARK" [Nerva #13]
    • Nerva knows Mei-Yin [Nerva #16]
    • Nerva's hometown is Numidia [Nerva #23]
    • Nerva knows Helena [Nerva #25/#26]
    • Nerva defeats the tek boss, losing everything and finds nothing at the end... much like we did [Nerva #29/#30]

    • Rockwell knows Helena [Rockwell #5]
    • Rockwell calls the Island "the ARK" [Rockwell #7]
    • Rockwell knows Nerva [Rockwell #9]
    • Rockwell is an Englishman [Rockwell #10]
    • Rockwell has an assistant named Isabelle [Rockwell #12]
    • Artifacts are made of unrecognizable materials and pulse with latent energy [Rockwell #13]
    • Artifiact/Obelisk creators are referred to as having a mysterious civilization [Rockwell #14]
    • Rockwell leads Nerva to believe the obelisks can be weaponized (shady bastard) [Rockwell #24]
    • Rockwell is pissed at Helena for pursuing study of the obelisks without him [Rockwell #26]
    • The obelisks can teleport (to boss arena) [Rockwell #27]

    • Rockwell's assistent, Gerald/Gerande, tinkered with implants removed from arms of dead survivors, inscribed with the name "ARK" in it [Rockwell SE #1]
    • Gerald died sometime in the past [Rockwell SE #2]
    • Rockwell transfers to Scorched Earth [Rockwell SE #1]
    • Strange metal with wondrous properties (aka element) in the "starlit sanctuary" [Rockwell SE #2/#7/#11]
    • Rockwell is a doctor [Rockwell SE #6]
    • The ARKs are floating among the stars [Rockwell SE #7]
    • Rockwell is more of a field medic than a physician [Rockwell SE #16]
    • Rockwell discovers Element (calling it Edmunium), describing it as light and warm to the touch [Rockwell SE #23]
    • Rockwell poisons an entire tribe dead (......oh damn... he's a psychopath) [Rockwell SE #24]
    • Rockwell tries to smelt element in forge and fails... recognizes the need for a Replicator [Rockwell SE #26]
    • Rockwell has lost is marbles [Rockwell SE #1 - #30]

    • Mei-Yin is an Ancient Chinese from between 208 CE and 219 CE [Mei Yin #1/#18]
    • The implants are a universal language translator [Mei Yin #5]
    • Mei-Yin describes the end of the world forcefield barriers [Mei Yin #12]
    • Mei-Yin knows Helena [Mei Yin #16]
    • Mei-Yin tames a giga and it takes fall damage and rages [Mei Yin #23/#24]
    • Mei-Yin brings the giga into the Megapithicus boss battle (wtf, WC???) [Mei Yin #26]
    • Mei-Yin knows Nerva [Mei Yin #30]
    • Mei-Yin knocks Helena out cold [Mei Yin #30]
    • Mei-Yin states her intent to kill Nerva in the tek cave [Mei Yin #30]

    • John Dahkeya is an Apache captain/outlaw from Texas or Arizona Territory United States from between 1863 and 1912. [Dahkeya SE #1]
    • Dahkeya knows Raia [Dahkeya SE #3]
    • Raia is an Egyptian Priestess [Dahkeya SE #14/#21]
    • Dahkeya and Raia do the sweaty naked grind [Dahkeya SE #20]
    • Dahkeya sleeps in the dog house [Dahkeya SE #25]
    • Nosti is destroyed by the obelisk [Helena SE #29, Dahkeya SE #26, Raia SE #25]
    • Dahkeya trapped in by wyverns, he's not gonna make it [Dahkeya SE #25]

    • Raia is Ancient Egyptian Priestess sometime after 1353 BCE [Raia SE #1/#14]
    • Raia knows Dahkeya [Raia SE #5]
    • Nosti is founded [Raia SE #8]
    • Nosti grows to be a full fledged city [Raia SE #22]
    • Nosti is destroyed by the obelisk [Helena SE #29, Dahkeya SE #26, Raia SE #25]
    • Dahkeya is killed by wyverns [Dahkeya SE #30, Raia SE #27/#28]
    • Raia goes super emo [Raia SE #27]
    • Raia, in her grief, snaps and becomes the emo mother of dragons [Raia SE #28]
    • Raia hatches a wyvern and becomes the "Wali al Aswad" of Helena's SE notes [Raia #29]

    Our evolved descendants, "Homo Deus", created the ARKs. They are a incorporeal species that is endangered.

    They created the ARK so that "Homo Sapien" clones can ascend and become more "Homo Deus" in order to save humanity after a cataclysmic event on Earth.