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Ice Queen's Ice Wall..

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  • Ice Queen's Ice Wall..

    So after you kill this worm you have to have a tool of some kind to break the ice wall like axe/bullets ect. CKF axe does NOT work to break the wall and you will get stuck in the room. Not sure if bugged or not but def wont be using CKF for killing her again lol. Epyon

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    I will have to open it up and take a look, it shouldn't be too hard to fix but I didn't even think of it. It probably has a ruleset for vanilla items or something.

    I will get back to you soon once I find out on Discord or here.


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      That would be map changing if the tools don't work as is probably. I would say the easier fix is just to make sure you have an original pickaxe with you because if they ever update or do something, it will undo it every time I think?