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    Kibble are food used to tame creatures more quickly and with higher affinity, allowing you to save time and end up with better stats on your tamed pet. Most creatures have their own individual favorite type of kibble that maximizes taming effects. However, using a non-favorite kibble is even worse than giving Raw Meat or Berries.

    Allosaurus: 255
    Ankylo: 375
    Araneo: 0
    Archaeopteryx: 174
    Argentavis: 361

    Baryonyx: 0
    Bronto: 13

    Carbonemys: 232
    Carno: 245
    Compy: 797

    Dilo: 234
    Dimetrodon: 20
    Dimorph: 0
    Diplocaulus: 96
    Dodo: 2443

    Featherlight: 0

    Gallimimus: 0
    Glowtail: 0
    Griffin: 0

    Ichthyornis: 0
    Iguanodon: 138

    Kairuku: 1347
    Kaprosuchus: 246
    Kentro: 0

    Lystro: 390

    Mantis: 0
    Megalania: 0
    Megalosaurus: 0
    Microraptor: 0
    Morellatopses: 13
    Moschops: 0
    Moth: 0

    Oviraptor: 19

    Pachy: 363
    Pachyrhino: 0
    Parasaur: 420
    Pegomastax: 0
    Pelagornis: 0
    Pteranodon: 419
    Pulmonoscorupius: 274

    Quetzal: 273

    Raptor: 27
    Rex: 38
    Rock Drake: 0

    Sarco: 10
    Spino: 11
    Stego: 4

    Tapejara: 365
    Terror Bird: 9
    Thorny Dragon: 6
    Titanoboa: 46
    Trike: 311
    Troodon: 0

    Vulture: 0
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	388px-Dossier_Otter.png Views:	0 Size:	155.6 KB ID:	189738


    Rather than traveling beside you, it would prefer to comfortably rest on your back, providing insulation. Once domesticated, it can be told to harvest fish on demand, with a specific goal in mind from the fish that it consumes, the otter has a knack for foraging silica pearls, and can even yield a slight chance at finding black pearls within!

    Breeded without Mutations: TBD
    Breeded with Mutations: TBD
    Sex: Male Only
    Average Levels: 480+ (will level over 500)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	388px-Dossier_Rex.png Views:	0 Size:	181.6 KB ID:	189740

    Tek Rex

    Taming a Tyrannosaurus is without a doubt the goal for any warlord or warring tribe. Tyrannosaurus is a fierce battle companion. There is a reason Tyrannosaurus is considered the king of dinosaurs (or in this genus, the "lord"). Any tribe that manages to tame one has almost nothing to fear.

    Breeded without Mutations: TBD
    Sex: Male Only
    Average Levels: 500+

    Click image for larger version

Name:	388px-Dossier_Gasbags.png
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    While a poor steed in battle, Mopsechiniscus is a fantastic beast of burden. The hairs on its back let a single rider steer it without a saddle, and it carries an incredible amount of cargo for its size. A small caravan of these could see us swimming in resources in no time.

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