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  • The House Just Got a Little MORE Stylish!

    The House Just Got a Little MORE Stylish!

    Welcome to another update of our Shirogane mansion on Diabolos server on North America! We have updated the front yard a bit and plan to have a big update coming on the outside soon! The inside got a lot of new rooms added such as the arcade room, meeting hall in the basement, place to eat on the main floor and yes... even a ERP room for giggles! More will be coming in December so stay tuned!

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  • House: Inside Update!

    House: Inside Update!

    Mist is a residential area located in La Noscea territory. It is a resort village where some of our players and company house resides at. We come back with another update on the Company House! Today we get to check out the top floor now.


    What is Housing?

    For free company estates, the company in question must reach Rank 6 with their patron Grand Company to be authorized land purchases. For individual buyers, a player must have at least one
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  • FC House Purchased on the Beaches of the Mists!

    FC House Purchased on the Beaches of the Mists!

    Come visit us in the nice beachy area called "The Mist" ! The Mist is the housing area in Limsa Lominsa. Its entrance is located at Red Rooster Stead (x34,y19) in Cedarwood of Lower La Noscea. Players can also access the area by selecting Residental District Aethernet in Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza's main aetheryte or taking the Lominsan Ferry Docks near the Fishermen's Guild in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x7,y15).

    What is this?

    Players can purchase
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