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  • zooperz
    started a topic White-list request

    White-list request

    Minecraft ID: zooperz
    requesting access to a vanilla server?
    I used to be whitelisted two years ago, but I stopped playing due to school starting...
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  • Not Sure If Suggestions Should Go Here

    I've been playing on the Lzuruha server for some time now, on and off for a while and I've noticed a few things with the SMP world. Not sure if I should...
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  • The Hunger Games Return!

    The Hunger Games Return!

    Minecraft Hunger Games are based on "Hunger Games" series. Players must survive until there is one man standing, and usually start out with kits, which may contain food or weapons or potions.

    So where do you go to play? If you go to the world spawn and look up at the direction signs. You will head South West to the Game Hub, once there you will have to locate the Hunger Games section of the hub (Green Glass) and enter the portal! It will spawn you in the loading area...
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  • Speed Build Discord Logo!

    Speed Build Discord Logo!

    In this episode of Speedbuilds with RightasReno & Nipago, they take on the Discord logo!

    What is Discord you might ask if you live under a rock? Well the Discord application is designed for use while gaming, including features such as low latency and dedicated server infrastructure, preventing the sharing of IP addresses as well as voice chat via server rooms!

    We will be opening up a post for suggestions for the next speed build the community can suggest so stay...
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  • Lzuruha Feed The Beast Server

    Lzuruha Feed The Beast Server

    Today we're pleased to announce Lzuruha has opened up a Feed The Beast Minecraft white-listed server for our community! This jam-packed mod launcher for Minecraft will give you hours upon hours of play and then some! All you have to do is download the launcher here. Once the launcher is installed, install FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7.10. Once the mods loaded you're good to go once you get white-listed! just enter for the ip/port and you're in!

    Hope to see you...
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  • Mattmon88
    started a topic Running Red

    Running Red

    So how many people are playing it? I'm recording a stream of myself playing through
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  • RightAsReno
    started a topic Whats your texture Pack, Dude!?

    Whats your texture Pack, Dude!?

    Hello everyone, RightAsReno here. I just wanted to urge people who play Minecraft, both on the LZH server and off it, to maybe share whatever cool texture...
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  • thegrimm1onfire
    started a topic Episode 2 of LzH Craft

    Episode 2 of LzH Craft

    Tonight CarNage64 and the other community members involved in the LzH LP of Minecraft, aptly named LzH Craft, expanded on the initial city build in the...
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