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  • Top 10 Disappointing Games

    Top 10 Disappointing Games

    It's always a sad feeling when you are really excited about a game and it turns out to not meet expectations. Today, we mope about our top 10 Disappointing Games!‚Äč
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  • LUG List Podcast: Top 10 90's Music Artists

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    LUG List Podcast: Top 10 90's Music Artists

    Remember childhood? Want to? Here's our top 10 90s music artists!

    The LUG Listers' primary goal is to make and share lists with everyone because lists are the greatest thing. Twice a week, we put together a new top 10 list on varying topics in the entertainment industry, and record them for this podcast. We don't know what the other people are choosing till they are revealed live, so reactions are always genuine....
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  • Top 10 Battlefield 3 Open Beta issues

    Top 10 Battlefield 3 Open Beta issues

    Battlefield 3 is more than half way through the open beta and as part of Battlefield's dedication to showing you how your feedback is directly affecting and improving Battlefield 3, here are the latest Top-Ten Community Issues that they're addressing.

    1. Squad issues: Cannot play with friends within same squad, squads get split up onto opposite teams, etc. There will be improved squad functionality in the retail game (including but not limited to): the ability to create squads prio...
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