Oh yes, yes it is true I am going to start blogging, the day has come. I will be covering a wide range of things not just Lzuruha, gaming, but also real life things, sports, events, ect ect. So hopefully I can keep this entertaining enough but who knows. Off we go

So today, I finally got the DayZ server running! It's currently running DayZ Reality build 102285 with some custom files. More weapons, skins ect ect. Hopefully I will be adding new buildings and such in the coming weeks. Thanks to the guys at Opendayz.net and the support of Lzuruha and EOreality my dream of having a DayZ server has come true. With the recent release of Arma 3 in the Alpha stage it leaves open a whole lot of questions when it comes to the DayZ community. People are wondering what is going to happen to DayZ beta right now and it seems like no one is exactly sure, are we going to be moving to the Arma 3 platform? I personally think it may happen but most likely the huge community will probably stick with Arma 2 until Standalone is released; sometime this year, hopefully.

Arma 3 if you have not actually checked it out yet go hit up YouTube for some footage of it, the game looks gorgeous and has been refined a lot. Being that it is still in Alpha it has a lot of bugs and connectivity issues but being the gamers we all are we know exactly how that goes and as times goes on those things will be smoothed out. Hopefully when I have an extra $32 I'll pick it up and come back with a sloppy review. I've been checking out people streaming it and it quite honestly looks like a great game.

Well guys I am off to Chicago to visit family and to get my girlfriend from the airport! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Check back here soon I'll do my best to add more content on a regular basis! If you have any questions about Lzuruha or about me please send me a PM or something. Cheers!