Well this will be my first official blog post attempt so hope everyone is doing well! First off is doing much better lately he seems to be happy and in a good mood all the time, he has definitely enjoyed watching me struggle with all the things to do around the house including fixing the new lawn mower, tieing a rope to a tree to make sure it doesnt fall, turning off our newly broken hot water heater and many many more things he is finding very amusing.

As far as Gaming is concerned with the help of a viewer named H0xton in twitch chat we have isolated the problem that has plagued my computer for months. My harddrive was dying my smallest and most useless one, but I put some useful and essential things on there so thanks again bud!

Lastly I am introducing SUB SUNDAYS! so please post here what games you would like my Subs to vote on me playing for sunday! Thank you guys and see ya next post!