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Town Hall 9 Attack Strategy "Shattered LavaLoon"

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  • Town Hall 9 Attack Strategy "Shattered LavaLoon"

    Troops: 2 golems, 2 lavas, 8 wizes, 4 wallbreakers, rest loons (loons to wizes ratio varies from base to base), cc bowlers Spells: jump, rage, heal, 3 hastes cc psn

    Start with ground, 2 golems, wizes to create a funnel, wbs to open first wall, jump to open internal parts, when funnel is there drop BK, AQ and CC Bowlers to enter the base. The aim of the ground squad (aka kill squad) is to eliminate AQ , CC and two ADs (anything more is a bonus)

    Now you have two options, depends on the base again....either start the air portion (2 lavas on remaining 2 ADs followed by loons as needed per building + hastes) as soon as CC, AQ and ADs are gone so the golems still tank a bit for loons or you can wait for the kill squad to destroy as much as possible and drop air portion later. Again, this really depends on the base. If you see golem get stuck or AQ shooting at the wall you might as well start air portion, but if you see some progress being made by kill squad I find it better to wait.

    Seems to be the current TH9 Meta.

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    Heres a video too of the concept