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  • Mount Farming Fun

    For the first weekend event of the New year we will be doing some mount farming. January starting 16 at 5 PST. We will be working on getting the mounts from the Heavensward trails The Limitless Blue (Bismarck) and as time allows Thok ast Thok (Ravana).

    Unlock for both of these fights starts in The Pillers at 11.7,11.5 with the quest Gods of Eld. This leads to Thok Around the Clock and The Diabolical Bismarck where you just have to get to attuned with entrance to unlock as we will be doing the extremes you don't have to have completed the whole quest.

    The same quest giver unlock the waring triad which you have to do on normal through the three quests to unlock the extremes which would be the next set of birds to farm so if you have a few to unlock them it would be worth it. The Trials don't have that bad of a que time or can be done with two or three people unsynched if you are wanting to bang them out.
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    ok atm we are looking like Saturday will be the better day as it stands for now will keep you guys posted!


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      Oh goodie I work early so I can be there! 😊


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        I'm good to go for Saturday, already unlocked those 2 extremes but never got the birds yet. Rushing down bosses with the level sync off is fun


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          I'm game, but likely can't join until 1900-1930 PDT.


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            Thank you to everyone who joined for our first weekend event it was super fun cannot wait until next week!