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Mount Farming 2-20-21 Gobwalker and Arrhidaeus

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  • Mount Farming 2-20-21 Gobwalker and Arrhidaeus

    For our weekly mount farm for 2-19-21 we will be doing last two of Heavensward. These two come from Alexander Savage and the nice thing about them is the drop rate is 100% so we should be able to get through these in one week as long as everyone has gone through the unlocking process.

    The below link has the full list of quests and quest givers with their locations if you find yourself in the middle of the chain and don't know where to go. The quest chain starts with Disarmed from Slowfix (7.5,6.5) In Idyllshire. This is an unlocking process as you have to do the quests before and after 12 raids if you decide to skip cutscenes that does shorten it but the story is good. After each set of four there will be an quest that unlocks the savage version of that content and as we will be doing a4s and a12s all of it has to be unlocked. Most can be done unsyched with one to three people or duty finder is normally pretty easy to get through. If you need/want help unlocking, someone to do them unsynched with you or someone to help speed up the que please let me know I will be happy to help.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Gobwalker.jpg Views:	6 Size:	15.4 KB ID:	192898 Click image for larger version  Name:	Arrhidaeus.jpg Views:	6 Size:	23.6 KB ID:	192899
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