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  • Savage Raid Signup

    Hey guys looks like ill be spearheading the attempt to get our raiding going so please post here if you are interested in doing savage+ raid content and what days and times you are available, currently we are lookng at Tues Wed Thurs before or after WoW Raids so after 7pm or before 4pm PST, if those work for you let me know if they do not please post the times and days you can

    Please also put your preferred roles to play, but also your available roles you are willing to play

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    Can only do after 8 on thursdays but everything else works.


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      I am usually available tuesday- thursday night usually around 5-10 pm est


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        I'm interested, but I'll have to be a sub since my schedule changes every week.


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          Last edited by jasonrm; 06-14-2021, 11:37 PM. Reason: someday I might return to raiding, but that day isn't today


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            I am interested but due to my medical currently it might be better to list me as a substitute for now, at least until these migraines and my sleep patterns even out.


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              I'm down for this!
              Pref any Tank, but can go whm or ranged/magic dps too if needed.

              The later the better for me, so 7p PST was great the last few weeks.


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                I will fill spots if needed, medical makes things complicated for me scheduling wise to 100% commit to anything.

                Paladin most geared

                All healing specs 480+


                Times won't matter much for me as you know its after Raid time for me if I do attend either XD


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                  I'm in, would prefer to tank as GNB but I also have PAL and DRK at 80, and could also DPS or Heal but would prefer tank.