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  • Kirac's Vault Rewards

    Kirac's Vault Rewards. If you want more in depth info you can check out here:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I purchase the Pass and track my progress through it?
    On the Atlas screen, there's a new Kirac's Vault Pass icon at the top left. Clicking that will let you buy the pass, see the rewards and travel to Kirac's Vault.

    How do I claim my rewards?
    The Pass has a progress bar that tracks how many bonus objectives of maps on the atlas you have completed. Once you have unlocked a cosmetic unique item skin, you can click a button on the Pass screen to travel directly to Kirac's Vault, where a chamber containing that reward will unlock for you to claim.

    Once claimed, the cosmetic unique item skins are stored in your microtransaction stash, alongside your existing microtransactions.

    Do I get anything right away for buying the Pass?
    Yes. The first reward, the Malevolent Watcher's Eye skin, is available to claim as soon as you purchase the Pass, providing you are able to access the Karui Shores (at the end of the campaign) in order to enter Kirac's Vault.

    As you have likely already completed a lot of map bonus objectives in the Archnemesis leagues by now, there are probably more cosmetic skins that will immediately unlock after you purchase the Pass.

    Is this pay-to-win in any way?
    No. Access to Kirac's Vault and its cosmetic skins offer no gameplay advantage over other players.

    Do I need to have bought the Pass before I complete my Atlas? Is there a penalty for just waiting until near the end of the league and buying it then?
    No. The Pass costs the same amount regardless of how many objectives you have already completed, and the relevant rewards will unlock instantly if you buy the Pass after completing objectives. There's no penalty for delaying your purchase until later in the league, though you'll need to purchase it before the league ends.

    I'd like to earn some microtransactions without having to pay. Is there a free Pass?
    In Siege of the Atlas, we bolstered Path of Exile's existing challenge system with additional free microtransactions that can be earned by completing challenges.

    Can I pay more money to unlock rewards that I have not been able to unlock through gameplay?
    You can't pay to unlock rewards (other than the first one, which comes with the Pass). Everyone you see with one of the unique item skins from Kirac's Vault will have completed the bonus objectives required to earn it.

    Does the Pass give you the unique items that you need in order to be able to wear the skins?
    No. Kirac's Vault provides you with no form of gameplay advantage or power. You must separately find the unique items that correspond to your cosmetic skins in order to be able to wear them.

    Is the Pass available for Standard players?
    No. At this stage it is only available to players in the current challenge league because many Standard players can instantly unlock their whole Atlas by completing a single map.

    Will I have access to my cosmetic unique item skins in Standard or future leagues?
    Yes. Any skins earned during this league will be available account-wide and can be equipped to any character you make in any league, as long as it uses that unique item.

    Can I equip these unique item skins to other unique items than the one they are intended for?
    No. They are designed to visually augment the special properties of the unique item that they reskin. For example, the Bloodthirsty Headhunter skin causes your enemies' heads to explode when their abilities are stolen. This wouldn't make sense to apply to other unique belts because those belts don't steal abilities.

    Are the Pass or its cosmetic unique item skins available after this league ends?
    No. The Pass can only be purchased during this league and its cosmetic unique item skins are exclusive to this Pass. They will not be available again. If you want to have them in your collection forever, you must purchase the Pass this league and complete the objectives for any skins that you want.

    In the future we may release different cosmetic unique item skins for the same unique items.

    What happens if I'm playing in multiple Archnemesis leagues? Which league does the Pass track progress from?
    The pass tracks your highest Atlas progress from any Archnemesis league you are playing in (including private leagues based on Archnemesis).

    How did you choose these unique items to reskin?
    This is a Pass for end-game characters who are able to complete the bonus objectives of their Atlas, so we picked iconic "meta" uniques that top players are likely to use in their builds. We also wanted to experiment with these being more than just simple reskins - each one has special visual effects that interact with the core theme of each unique item.

    These skins are exclusive to this Pass, but we will continue to pick iconic and powerful unique items to make skins for in future Passes (which could include additional skins for some of the unique items covered by this Pass).

    Will the Kirac's Vault Pass be released on Console platforms?
    Yes. It's not ready quite yet because we have to go through various platform-specific certification requirements, but we do intend to release it on Xbox and Playstation in the coming weeks. More information on the upcoming patch for console can be found here.