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  • OSRS Q&A Series

    You can always check out all their Q&A's and other neat content at their YouTube channel here: Instead of making new threads, going to just run a master thread for the Q&A series that will be stickied!

    Starting with Nov 25th so there's a lot of backlogs in the link above!

    Watch as Mods Arcane, Husky & Sarnie answer your questions on the most recent Nex Rewards blog and we say hello to Mod Light for her very first livestream appearance!
    0:00 - Intro
    8:30 - Android Beta
    10:15 - Do you plan to address streamers attempting to circumvent the new duel staking limits?
    11:40 - Kind of sad that irons can't use dupes/death coffer gp to buy the bank slots, would have been a good use for dupes rather than dropping them for bond money. Will this be reconsidered?
    14:07 - Why can't loot broadcasts work to opt me out of notifications from my friends?
    17:28 - Question regarding the new chat modes. What was the feedback like on it and is there anything you're looking at changing for next week?
    20:55 - Will zealot robes being effective at the ectofunctus be polled?
    22:26 - Can we make the click ox for fairy rings the entire ring, rather than just the center?
    23:34 - Are we ever getting new skills or has the team completely given up hope?
    32:20 - Any updates on bounty hunter? When will it be reintroduced, will it ever be reintroduced?
    35:12 - Suqah hides and lunar robes
    38:42 - Currently the best method to Runecraft is unlocked at level 23. Is there any update on the new Runecrafting method?
    43:40 - What is the confirmed release date for Nex? (January 5th!)
    44:58 - Can you discuss what the thought process was like regarding Nex in her old design? Did you consider changing her into something different?
    51:10 - Harmonised orb was going to be updated after you introduced raids 3 rewards but it has been left untouched. Could you please address it?
    55:00 - What is the teams take on onyx bolts and tips?
    58:25 - UGC
    1:01:56 - Outro

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    General Q&A with Mods Bruno, Ed, Kieren and Sarnie! - OSRS Q&A December 9th

    00:05 - Intro
    00:40 - How is everyone doing?
    02:30 - Announcements
    04:10 - Question time
    04:19 - Will we see questlines like Fairy, Dwarf, Cave Goblin etc. ever continue in OSRS?
    07:10 - What are the teams’ thoughts on making an ability to toggle on and off the healing effect of the blood fury, the same way we can toggle on and off the recoil effect of the ring of suffering?
    07:40 - Can the Gem bag be made to hold Topaz, Jade and Opals too?
    08:15 - Thammaron's sceptre effect is essential to make the item useful. Any chance we can get it before the rev update ends?
    09:35 - Can we get a red dragon boss?
    11:50 - Are we going to get more quests more often?
    15:55 - Are there thoughts of expanding the low-level bosses available (base 60-70 combats)?
    21:15 - When are you going to add plugins, like in the Steam client, to the official client?
    22:35 - Do you have any plans on expanding barrows?
    23:22 - Are you planning anything for Winter Summit soon?
    24:35 - Can we get some more information about Leagues 3?
    25:40 - Does the team have any thoughts on utilising the ammo slot for more than just ammo/blessings in the future?
    27:15 - Can we please have the collection log added to the Hiscores?
    28:13 - Could Ironmen use items on the collection log to mark them in, since it doesn't take into account items gathered pre-log?
    29:05 - Now that group Ironman is here, could we see Resting at Pubs concept?
    35:05 - Land of the Goblins Sneak Peek
    37:20 - What content or areas do you guys want to work on in the future?
    42:50 - What are your thoughts on making a rainbow recolour of the crystal crown if you buy all extra bank space?
    44:25 - Announcements
    45:37 - Outro


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      Highlight: Leadership Livestream with Mod Ayiza, Markos and Kieren !gameupdate !gazette

      0:00 - Intro
      3:16 - Nex Trailer
      5:34 - What considerations went into creating this roadmap?
      8:18 - Can we expect reasonable consistency on updates this year?
      11:30 - When can we expect the ToA rewards blog?
      12:55 - Do you think delaying Leagues 3 was the correct decision and can you explain more about your decision for the delay?
      15:34 - What progress have you made on account security since you were last on stream discussing it in the summer?
      16:53 - There has been a lack of smaller polls this year. When is poll 76 and do you have more plans to introduce more polls next year?
      19:15 - Is there anything more official you can share about how the GE tax is going? Will we be able to see item sink/tax statistics in game?
      22:30 - Why have the Wilderness changes taken so long to implement?
      25:12 - Why does it feel like the Wilderness updates are making it safer? If the goal is to increase activity, why don't you focus on increasing the profit from the area?
      32:21 - Why is the solution to Bounty Hunter not to just add more anti-cheating resources?
      34:10 - Do we have a longer-term plan for PvP?
      35:26 - Do you agree with the way that content is currently polled and are you planning on changing anything in this area for next year?
      39:30 - What's being done to solve issues of lag spikes occurring in game?
      41:16 - Are you planning on bringing back any iteration of partner slayer?
      44:24 - The roadmap currently includes "New Player Experience" in it. Can you expand on this?
      45:45 - There are several streamers that are using cheat clients and nothing happens to their accounts. Why is this?
      48:54 - Are there ever going to be plans to add a new skill in game?
      51:52 - What about the Deadman Reborn rerun?
      53:30 - What are your plans for the revival of the multi-scene in the long term?
      55:18 - When will we get more info on the mechanics of Leagues 3?
      57:18 - What's being done to tackle the constant stream of the bots at LMS?
      58:54 - Will there ever be a world dedicated to Finnish and Swedish players?
      1:00:41 - Outro


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        The launch of Nex with Mods Arcane, Bruno, Husky, Kieren & Sarnie - OSRS Q&A January 6th

        00:00 - Intro
        00:25 - How is everyone?
        03:35 - How do you guys think the Nex launch has gone?
        05:20 - !Announcements
        06:32 - Any possibilities of adding a Group/Clan instance, similar to the Corporeal Beast for Nex? Would be nice to just do it with the clan and not 80 random people.
        10:45 - Can we extend private instances to other God Wars bosses/other bosses in general, locking it behind combat diary with higher tiers = more players can join?
        17:10 - Have you considered lowering the amount of supplies dropped? Right now it seems way too easy to get supplies even if it is a mass. Also, was it intentional that it would be very easy to stay at Nex indefinitely, with the amount of prayer pots and food dropping on average, and the fact that resupplying and re-entering is so easy as well?
        19:40 - Is it possible to increase the drop rate of the Nihil Shards on the monsters where you get kill count? As an ironman, I have to gather 250 Nihil Shards. The current rate to get them is just absurd. (It’ll take about 100 hours of Nex masses to collect 250 shards… that’s extremely excessive).
        20:42 - Why is the default GE guide price of Nihil Horn 150k yet the price of Blood Essence is at 2m? It seems incorrect.
        21:11 - There seems to be an awful lot of blood essence drops - like if one person gets blood ess in my clan everyone in the party all seem to. Is this intentional?
        21:55 - Can you come up with an alternative solution for DCs at Nex? Currently if you DC and manage to survive, you get kicked directly out of the door, into range of hard-hitting mobs.
        23:05 - When the hype of Nex dies down, will her mechanic be tweaked again?
        24:44 - I don’t get how the drop system works. Is only the MVP of each killable to get the unique? Or is it randomly rolled for everyone that’s done damage to her? Is loot scaling to team size? If so, why?
        25:20 - Any plans to make other bosses such as Corp/GWD work similar to Nex in terms of loot distribution?
        28:50 - Crossbows were said to be Nex’s weakness, yet it feels like everyone at Nex is using a Twisted bow, Bowfa and Dark Bow. Zaryte Crossbow feels underwhelming because of this, and so does Armadyl Crossbow. What are the team’s thoughts on how the Zaryte Crossbow is stacking up?
        35:44 - In her final phase, Nex uses Ancient Curses. Could there be a chance for the prayer book to come to OSRS in the future?
        40:05 - What is the reason Nex is unscaled? How do you feel about people achieving 500 KC on the day of release?
        44:44 - Why did you decide to not let the Ancient Ceremonial robes skip KC? Is there a chance this will be changed in the future?
        48:25 - Will combat achievements be added for Nex?
        49:04 - Would it be possible to add a GIM-only room to Nex, so you are not forced to abort the kill to prevent the loss of prestige if someone crashes you?
        49:29 - Will Torva get a set effect in the future?
        50:10 - Can you make the Nex bank NPC more visible, and not move?
        51:08 - Does blood essence just give extra runes, like the diary reward, or does it give extra experience for those runes as well?
        51:30 - What are ecumenical key shards, and where do you get them? Are they a replacement for getting full keys at the Wildy GWD, or are they dropped by minions in the Ancient Prison?
        52:35 - Would you consider a KC system similar to Nex's for other GWD generals?
        53:33 - Why isn't cough more punishing in terms of HP damage as well to force people to get rid of it instead of camping full ancestral to bypass its effects?
        54:23 - What was the dev work like getting Nex to sprint? Will other NPCs be able to sprint going forward?
        55:58 - Is there any potential to be able to pay someone to repair Torva from the damaged piece and Bando's components rather than needing 90 Smithing? Much like you can do for the Corp sigils and DFS?
        57:20 - How are the boss mechanics for Nex different from pre-EoC RS2 or even RS3?
        59:55 - If the Ancient Godsword is considered for a buff, would you consider allowing its spec to overheal?
        01:01:10 - Were any other nicknames considers for Nex besides "The 5th General"?
        01:01:55 - Why were the voice lines from the original Nex not added? They added so much to the feel of the boss fight.
        01:04:02 - Is there any discussion on the art design of Nex? Does the Mod Team think that the design can be improved, or are they happy with the current model?
        01:05:00 - !Announcements
        01:05:50 - Outro