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Diablo 4: Aspects Guide of All Aspects and How To Use Them

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  • Diablo 4: Aspects Guide of All Aspects and How To Use Them

    In Diablo 4, there's a new type of item called Aspects that you can find and collect. These items are used to make your gear better by adding special bonuses to it. In this article, we'll explain how Aspects work, so you can start enhancing your favorite gear with them.
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    Aspects in Diablo 4 Explained
    Aspects are a special type of reward in Diablo 4, which can be used to upgrade your gear. You need to go to a special vendor called an “Occultist” to apply your Aspects to your gear, in a process called “imprinting”. But more on that later.
    Aspects make gear better by giving them a unique trait, but they don't affect any of the other stats when imprinted onto gear. The unique trait is usually something quite powerful, but not absolutely game-breaking. For instance, the Aspect of Conflagration gives you 20% increased burning damage when you cast Incinerate.

    How You Get Aspects In Diablo 4
    There are two ways to get Aspects in Diablo 4:
    You will get an Aspect as a reward for each Dungeon you clear. Aspects earned from Dungeons will appear in your Codex of Power (which can be found in the main menu), not your inventory.
    You can extract Aspects from legendary gear. Doing so will destroy the piece of gear and leave you with the Aspect in your inventory (in the fourth tab, named “Aspects”).

    How To Imprint Aspects Onto Your Gear
    Once you have an Aspect you can imprint it onto your gear, all you need is gold and a quick trip to the local Occultist (who will be unlocked when you reach level 15).

    How To Extract Aspects From Your Gear
    To extract Aspects you need legendary gear and gold, once you've got that head to the same Occultist you visited when imprinting. Now go to the second tab in the Occultist's menu called "Extract", and follow these steps:
    In the top box put the legendary gear you want to extract the Abstract from.
    Now select "Extract Abstract", and the Abstract will appear in your inventory,
    Extracting Abstracts from gear will destroy the actual piece of gear, leaving you only with the Abstract. Also, it costs about 5,000 Gold, so be certain about the Abstract before extracting.