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    New Expansion inc

    Azeroth, are you ready?! The world’s most iconic musician, E.T.C., is putting together a massive music festival competition and every class is pulling out the stops to come out on top. Each of the 11 classes represents a different genre of music, with its own Legendary minion musician and Legendary spell to represent their most popular song. But that’s not all! This 145-card expansion also includes the Finale keyword, the Overheal Priest keyword, instrument weapons, soloist minions, harmonic spells, and more! Festival of Legends launches this April.

    Join Game Designer Leo Robles Gonzalez as he sets the stage for Hearthstone’s next expansion, Festival of Legends! Festival of Legends is a massive musical competition hosted by E.T.C.. Join Leo as he runs through the lineup, featuring the new Finale keyword, the new Overheal keyword for Priest, Legendary musicians and songs, soloists, instrument weapons, and more! This setlist is jam-packed with designer insights, card reveals, Signature cards, events, and even a few costume changes. Come watch the show!