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The Chem-Baroness Champion Trailer

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  • The Chem-Baroness Champion Trailer

    The Chem-Baroness Champion Trailer!

    Luxury line

    Fulfilling your greatest desires.
    • Fusing elevated design with cutting-edge innovation, uncover a limited collection of captivating fragrances, self-defense solutions, and augmented limb technology. Wear Zaun’s unique beauty wherever you take it.
    • Diffusion line

      Rising to meet your needs.
    Discover elegant, affordable chemtech solutions for any lifestyle, from everyday filtration units to replacement limbs and medical alchemy. We apply tech from Zaun’s brightest minds to solve Zaun’s greatest problems.
    Our story

    We started with a dream: to make chemtech affordable, beautiful, and accessible for all.With origins in Zaun, we are committed to improving lives and earning our community’s trust. We donated hundreds of breathers to victims of last year’s noxious chemical fire. Now we’re extending our reach, starting with the City of Progress.Glasc Industries partners with brilliant minds to produce designs of the highest caliber, and our apprenticeship program fosters new inspiration. Our goal is to become the most revolutionary and impactful manufacturer in the world.
    Our founder

    From humble origins in the Sump of Zaun, Glasc Industries founder Renata Glasc was inspired by her family’s alchemical practice to improve life across Zaun and Piltover alike. For the last 30 years, her visionary work has touched civil development, tech, and philanthropy, collaborating with both citizens and chem barons to keep the streets safe.Currently, she heads Glasc Industries in its next objective: redefining beauty through state-of-the-art technology. To those who seek a greater future, Renata Glasc embraces all.

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    Spotlight out now along with her theme.

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