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10 Bugs You Hopefully Didn't Notice

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  • 10 Bugs You Hopefully Didn't Notice

    The Frog eating the goat cracks me up everytime.

    Rave Wardens! Allay Steves! Cynical plugs for upcoming series! Minecraft development can be a messy business, so we thought we’d share some of the ‘best’ bugs that we’ve encountered while making Minecraft. After leaking all these, the developers are no longer speaking to us. Can't imagine why?

    00:00 Intro
    00:19 Secrets of Minecraft Finale Recap
    00:33 The Void
    00:56 Goat-Eating Frogs
    01:35 The Steve Allay
    02:06 The Rave Warden
    02:55 Meanwhile in The Void
    03:33 Iglook Out!
    03:46 Fish Out Of Water
    03:59 Frogs Unleashed
    04:20 The Void Again
    04:42 The Dragmoo
    04:58 MOBBO​