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Trihex not allowed to attend AGDQ 2020

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  • Trihex not allowed to attend AGDQ 2020

    Trihex not allowed to attend AGDQ 2020

    12:46 AM Trihex: it comes with great sadness to inform you all that I can’t be a part of AGDQ 2020. The Mario Maker 2 block was accepted, but I also found out apparently I am suspended from being part of any submissions conveniently until after AGDQ 2020.

    My F-Slur suspension from Oct 2018 carried a suspension “retroactively” for SGDQ 2019 and AGDQ 2020. I would’ve found out I guess if I had anything to submit for either SGDQ or GDQx? Quite saddening.

    Incredibly tilting news. Not much I can do. The SMM2 team is trying to scramble a replacement runner but they may have to drop one of theirs for the 4v4 to become a 3v3 with an additional commentator.

    As of now, I have no reason to attend AGDQ 2020, so super doubtful I will go. Wish I had more to report or say.

    1:07 AM trihex: Ban was informed to me an hour ago. 1:07 AM trihex: I wasn’t aware I was banned.

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    Not shocked by it. Speedrunning isnt underground anymore so the old dogs are on the way out. I really enjoy his Darksouls/MM2 stuff.