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Mario 64 TTC Upwarp $1000 Bounty

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  • Mario 64 TTC Upwarp $1000 Bounty

    Still unclaimed, Rumor it might be a issue with the cart itself but still not confirmed.

    Status: The bounty is currently unclaimed and still up for grabs.

    Recently, a video by twitch user DOTA_TeaBag was brought to my attention, in which he did an upwarp in Tick Tock Clock. I believe this is a new, unexplored glitch, but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful at recreating it myself. Thus, I'm putting a bounty of $1000 on the glitch. In other words, the first person to recreate the glitch and send it to me will earn $1000 from me.

    The submission should be a .m64 and .st file, which when played perform the glitch. To submit, you can zip up these files, upload to, and then send me the link in a comment or private message. The bounty will hold until the first person successfully submits a recreation of the glitch, at which point I will add the word [CLAIMED] to the end of this video's title, and then no one else will be eligible for the prize.

    Helpful downloads (a savestate in the TTC room on the Japanese version and an MHS file showing the ceiling currently above Mario):

    DOTA_TeaBag's original video of the glitch:

    The song I used at the end was a Benny Hill Techno Remix Demo made by Dj Freshwinter, which you can find here:

    Additional Notes:
    (1) Some people are wondering why the spinners are rotating instead of being still. You must enter Tick Tock Clock when the long hand is at 12 for the objects in the course to be still.
    (2) I've been told others have reuploaded this video. Basically, the bounty is awarded to the first person to submit a valid recreation of the glitch. If you submit your entry to someone else and they send it to me, then that person will earn the bounty. I'm not responsible for tracking down the original creator of the .m64; I award whoever sends it in, as is said in the rules. So don't submit to someone else.
    (3) Your submission should be a .m64 file and a .st file that Mupen64 can play. Anything else (such as .avi, .rec) is not valid. So don't use Project64 or Bizhawk.
    (4) I've heard of and thought of every theory in the book. Maybe it was the bob-omb, the bob-omb's explosion, the bob-omb's coin, when Mario hits the corner, when Mario presses the wall, when Mario hits his head on the spinner, when Mario touches the other corner, when Mario lands at the edge, being under certain ceilings, etc. Telling me you believe one of these is the cause is not very helpful. I'm looking for hard evidence.
    Happy hunting if anyone tries!

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    I decided not to even attempt to go for this as I have trouble glitching even the glitch-est games at times!
    If you get at least the amount you put into it then go ahead. Otherwise I suggest you don't do it.