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Metroid: Samus Returns "Queen Metroid and Ice Beam Skip"

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  • Metroid: Samus Returns "Queen Metroid and Ice Beam Skip"

    Metroid: Samus Returns "Queen Metroid and Ice Beam Skip" from satvara over on youtube.

    Skipping the Queen Metroid and Larva Metroids. Aside from skipping another major boss, this sequence break lowers the minimum item collection by removing Ice Beam as a required item. So, the number of items that can be skipped altogether is now seven: Scan Pulse, Lightning Armor, Spring Ball, High Jump, Gravity Suit, Power Bomb, and now Ice Beam. It also makes Queen Metroid optional for any% and low%. 100% needs more research. Thanks to ppltoast (Pedalpowerluigi) for helping me with this sequence break by researching the infant metroid cutscene trigger, following up on my ideas using cheat engine to speed up the learning process. I do the skip this way because the Queen Metroid boss fight does not trigger until the larva metroids are eliminated. Going straight to the exit elevator to Surface II isn't totally viable yet either, due to obstructing crystals. So, I need the Infant Metroid to progress and Samus has to hit a cutscene trigger in the Queen's chamber to acquire it. The cutscene trigger is secured inside a contrived wall before the Queen fight is triggered. The goal is to get inside this wall. The skip begins with me doing a phase drift clip to get inside some block collision, then a jump onto a crumble block to a free the edge of some tunnel collision, then immediately turning to hit that collision edge to start a glitch slide that clips Samus out of bounds. From there I take a long space jump route clockwise around Area 8 to reach the beginning of the nest section far above. This rise takes some time because I didn't have the High Jump Boots. I then take a very tight space jump to reach the top of the nest lobby to stand on a morph ball tunnel. I then jump into the Queen chamber loading zone at a point slightly out of bounds in order to space jump around the wall and into the cutscene trigger to acquire the metroid. Here is a map of the OoB route I take: I went on to defeat Ridley and end the game.