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Majora's Mask Wrong Warp to Test Map

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  • Majora's Mask Wrong Warp to Test Map

    Majora's Mask Wrong Warp to Test Map by SeedBorn

    Setup for the glitch: 0. Be playing on the Japanese version. 1. Enter Deku Palace *either* from the swamp or from getting caught. 2. Enter the room that's on the right side (relative to the Palace entrance), leave and reload it once. 3. Collect the rupee shown in the video. 4. Hover onto the barrier and boomerang the rupee shown into roughly the same position. The rupee's location is not precise; all that matters is that it's on the left fin's path. 5. Go the the door frame as shown, target it to get a straight angle, and make sure you are firmly in the corner. For those of you with access to ram watch, Link's angle should be 0x8000 and his X and Z coordinate should be an even 334 and 1752, respectively. 6. Holding target, press B to slash three times, then jumpslash. 7. Turn straight left, put away sword. 8. Dry roll, release target and press B to do a horizontal slash. 9. Target again to straighten the camera. 10. Put on Zora Mask and hold B to go info first-person mode. 11. Hold straight down (in my commentary I forgot about inverted controls and said to hold up) on the control stick for one frame. 12. Release fins. On the first frame that they are detached from Link's arms, take off Zora Mask and hold straight down on the control stick. 13. As Link runs, look for the frame shown in the video. On that frame, pause, switch to straight up on the control stick, and buffer a target out of unpause. 14. Link should stutter and then run straight into the next room. Once you've caught the fins the precise part is complete and you can wait for an opportunity to get caught by the guard on the left. If you'd like to know more about the glitch used here, its discoverer GlitchesAndStuff has an in-depth video on using it to manipulate chest contents (