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Blast the Process: Too Hot to Process [December 15]

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  • Blast the Process: Too Hot to Process [December 15]

    Watch live video from BlastTheProcess on

    Blast the Process: Too Hot to Process
    December 15

    Starts on Saturday, December 15, 2018

    All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated 4 days ago.

    4:00 PM Shadow of the Beast 00:15:00 Sega Genesis JP 18% TheMotherBrain86
    4:20 PM Streets of Rage 00:45:00 SMS Axel Normal Difficulty Cestpatou
    5:10 PM Power Rangers 00:15:00 Game Gear Large Mode JQuestionMark
    5:30 PM Sonic Drift 2 00:20:00 Game Gear Purple GP CountGooby
    5:55 PM Sonic CD Plus Plus 00:30:00 Sega CD Any% (Romhack) JasperTheFish
    6:30 PM Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 00:40:00 Gamecube Pumpkin Hill x20 CmdrYT
    7:15 PM Rainbow Island 00:30:00 Sega Genesis Any% Bad Ending Berlindude1
    7:50 PM Sonic 1 01:00:00 GBA Any% Clomb
    8:55 PM Blaster Master 2 01:15:00 Sega Genesis Any% Big Jon (GameJ06)
    10:15 PM Let's Tap 00:30:00 Wii Feet% Race (Feetcam) CmdrYT, CountGooby
    10:50 PM The Lawnmower Man 00:30:00 Sega Genesis Any% d4gr0n
    11:25 PM Tetris 00:10:00 Sega Genesis Exhibition Liz (LizStar)
    11:40 PM Boogerman 00:30:00 Sega Genesis Any% MrMaximus11
    Ends at 00:10:00