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  • Fishapalooza

    In order to get bonus boosts to key abilities for raids the guild is setting up a massive fishing event for the 19th December. Most of you probably already know the basics of fishing, but for those that don't here is a quick guide.

    Where to Learn

    This is pretty easy. All the capital cities for the races contain a fishing trainer, but the easiest one to get to is Arnold Leland at 54.6 by 69.7 (TomTom app) in Stormwind. It's a cheap enough profession to learn and is classed as a tertiary profession like cooking and first aid. While fishing in Draenor you may fish up a scroll which should be used immediately as it raises the cap of fishing to 700.

    Schools of Fish

    The most efficient way to catch fish is by finding schools of fish of a particular type and these are indicated by little whirlpools with lots of fish swimming around. In the normal course of things these don't show up on the mini-map. To get the schools to become visible on the mini-map you need to find the "Weather-Beaten Journal." You obtain this by fishing up trunks and crates from wreckage nodes around either Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms. The "Watertight Trunk" has the highest percentage to contain the "Weather-Beaten Journal", but even that is only a 7% chance. However, the Wetlands in the Eastern Kingdoms has quite a few of such fishing spots (Schooner Wreckage) that will increase the chances of the trunk and the journal. Sometimes you get it quickly, sometimes it takes a while.

    Leveling up

    Again pretty easy. Just find a spot and fish away. Try to get around 300 points in fishing otherwise you will most likely just drag up junk and it really doesn't sell well. If you can't be bothered then get yourself a decent fishing rod and lures, but if you are high enough they aren't needed, except for certain ones.

    Draenor Fishing

    There are eight kinds of fish that you can catch within Draenor (not including Tanaan of course), and apart from two kinds each fish is mostly specific to one area alone. When fishing in a standard river or lake then you will most likely catch Crescent Saberfish, but scattered out and randomly spawning are schools of fish which yield purely one kind of fish and this is why the "Weather-Beaten Journal" is so important. Below are the fish and where to find them and what top tier dishes they are used for. All fish are inland lakes and rivers unless stated:

    Abyssal Gulper - Rare and hard to find but mostly in Spires of Arak - Pickled Eel which raises Critical Strike for 1 hour
    Blackwater Whiptail - Fairly abundant in Talador around the lake and streams - Whiptail Fillet which raises Stamina for 1 hour.
    Blind Lake Sturgeon - Pretty abundant in Shadowmoon Valley - Buttered Sturgeon which raises Haste for 1 hour.
    Crescent Saberfish - Any inland body of water has these. They are the basic fish to catch - Every dish needs some of these.
    Fat Sleeper School - Abundant in Nagrand especially the northern river. - Sleeper Sushi which raises Mastery for 1 hour.
    Jawless Skulker - One of the harder ones to find and mostly in Gorgrond - Jumbo Sea Dog which raises Versatility for 1 hour.
    Fire Ammonite - Last of the hard to find fish. They spawn in lava pools and mostly in Frostfire Ridge - Salty Squid Roll which raises Multistrike for 1 hour
    Sea Scorpion - Any coastline in Draenor is swarming with these - Not used in cooking apart the Feast of the Waters, so no fishing them (though they do make healing tonics in First Aid)

    Lures and Baits

    In Draenor when fishing you have to fillet the fish you catch and you need five of them in order to fillet them. There are two sizes of fish, Small and Enormous. By filleting 5 small fish you get 10 pieces of meat and by filleting 5 enormous fish you get 20 pieces meat. This takes time though. To cut down on this wastage you should always have the "Bladebone Hook" activated which automatically fillets each fish as you catch them. Fortunately the yield from doing it this way is the same as if you did them by hand. The "Bladebone Hook" is sold by Segumi the Pandaren at your fishing shack in your garrison for 5 silver each for a full hour of fishing. These may be provided by the organiser of the event. Secondly when fishing you may pull up baits which are more likely to attract a specific type of fish. For example while fishing in Frostfire Ridge you may catch a "Fire Ammonite Bait". Don't be afraid to use them as they don't override the "Bladebone Hook" and last for 10 minutes each. In fact some of the harder to catch fish will most likely need the bait.

    That's that for the basics of fishing and where to go. I find it's best to put yourself somewhere schools of fish are likely to spawn rapidly instead of wandering all over and those baits come in handy. More importantly just try to have fun with it.

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    Originally posted by Katzman79 View Post
    In order to get bonus boosts to key abilities for raids the guild
    What things? you mean feasts or something else?


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      Originally posted by Disenchantment View Post

      What things? you mean feasts or something else?

      No, not the feasts just the standard fish dishes of Draenor. I wrote them all down in the Draenor Fishing section. by consuming Buttered Sturgeon for example it gives a 125 boost to Haste for one hour, while the Jumbo Sea Dog boosts Versatility in the same way.


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        Oh i've always used my 125 mastery food since it was released in BRF. Never feasts :P


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          Originally posted by Disenchantment View Post
          Oh i've always used my 125 mastery food since it was released in BRF. Never feasts :P
          Ah. I think at the end of last nights raid they were talking about how not many do and going on a massive fishing spree to get the materials for the food for everyone else.


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            I might be able to come later in the evening but I have my work Christmas party and might be sloshed


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              lol sloshed kinoy would be fun to fish with Kappa


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                I might be tempted to do it xD haha


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                  Well I was starting just incase I don't get to your guys event since medical reasons but got chewed out by ricky.

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