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What is your favorite Lore bit?

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  • What is your favorite Lore bit?

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    Giveaway Question:

    What is your favorite Lore bit?
    (I'm a lore junkie so i look forward!)

    Date of draw:

    September 10th, 2020 (End of Lzuruha Raid)

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    When you're in Naxx, you'll often hear shrieks of torture victims and screams of "Help me! Save me!", "Stop, please stop!" "Please, no!".
    You'll notice that eventually they stop.
    Specifically, they stop when you kill Thaddius.


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      The titans created the iron vrykul, thr mechagnomes, earthen, mogu, and more. All of these races would be corrupted by the curse of flesh. The vrykul began birthing weak, small children. These children were sent off across the sea, outcasted. These outcasted children would become the humans. The mechagnomes, complex and intelligent machines, became the gnomes.


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        do you know how the orcs came to be? they were elves once


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          Orcs can trace their lineage back to Grond, the enormous stone giant created by the titan Aggramar to defeat the Evergrowth and the plant-like Sporemounds of ancient Draenor. As Grond and the Sporemounds fought, pieces of the battling leviathans fell to the earth and gave rise to the colossals, children of Grond, and the genesaur, children of the Sporemounds. After Grond's death, the colossals continued fighting the Sporemound Botaan and its minions, but over time many of the stone giants succumbed to their foes. From the colossals' remains, new creatures known as magnaron emerged. After the colossals sacrificed themselves to destroy Botaan in a massive explosion, spores from the plant creature's body, teeming with the Spirit of Life, drifted back to Draenor's surface and clung to the hides of the magnaron, weakening their bodies and turning them to flesh. Some of the magnaron devolved into beings called gronn, and due to the lingering effects of the spores, a small number of gronn continued degenerating into the ogron. Over thousands of years, the residual spores transformed a number of ogron into the ogre race, from whom would arise yet another race — the orcs. The smallest and weakest of Grond's line, the orcs made up for what they lacked in size and strength with a fierce intellect and a sense of community. By banding together, they survived the harsh wilds