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Google's Proposed Changes to Chrome Could be the end of it?

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  • Google's Proposed Changes to Chrome Could be the end of it?

    Big Yikes. Google's Proposed Changes to Chrome Could be the end of it? --

    But proposed changes to Google’s open source browser Chromium, on which Chrome is based, would break many existing ad blockers and other tools for blocking or changing online content. It will still be possible to block ads if the proposed changes are incorporated into Chrome, but developers would need to rewrite their Chrome extensions. Many developers are protesting the proposal, arguing that the changes would harm users.

    Google's proposal shows just how dependent these extensions are on the advertising giant's decisions. Chrome is the world's most popular browser, used by 62 percent of all web users according to StatCounter—up from 56 percent a year ago. Last month, Microsoft announced it will use Chromium as the foundation of its Edge browser, giving Google even more reach.

    Google says the proposal is just, well, a proposal. "These changes are in the design process," a Google spokesperson said in a statement. The company is "working with extension developers to make sure their extensions continue to work," the spokesperson said.

    Ostensibly, the changes are designed to improve the security and performance of Chrome and Chromium. For example, Chrome extensions now can access your browsing history. That means a bad actor could offer an ad blocker that spies on you.

    Google is proposing to cut off extensions' access to browsing history and instead offer an interface that can generate instructions for the browser to block or modify certain content, including ads. The catch is that each extension would be limited to 30,000 rules it can apply.

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    The things are going on in the right way with more control for users over their browser settings.


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      I think the concern is around chrome and how its like

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