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Welcome 2018! Whats your plan for the year?

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  • Welcome 2018! Whats your plan for the year?

    First of all Happy New Years!

    What is your goals this year you're going to try to keep or pretend to do?

    Mine are a few health goals and a few changes with the team that will have a much bigger impact than any year.

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    1. To start streaming.
    2. Stop Using Microsoft Edge because it's insanely annoying. ( I know this one sounds dumb )
    3. Establish my section fully in Lzuruha.

    That's all that could come to mind right now but I'm sure this list will grow over the next few days as I reflect on what I want to do.


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      Possibly do something Tash has been pushing me to do.


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        Just a few simple ones

        IRL tasks
        1. Get my life back on track
        2. To attempt to slowly express myself instead of bottling it all up and exploding
        3. To actually get my room clean and keep it that way...

        Gaming Tasks
        1. Speedrun more often
        2. Getting 100 Gold Stars and at least 25 FCs in Rock Band 4 (Almost there on both of them)
        3. Complete more games!

        If you get at least the amount you put into it then go ahead. Otherwise I suggest you don't do it.


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          1. Try and get my stream more populated and 500 Subs
          2. Get new Emotes done that people like
          3. Just improve myself more to be a better individual for family friends and the stream