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New Twitch Community Guideline Updates... Concerns?

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  • New Twitch Community Guideline Updates... Concerns?

    For those unaware:

    now up to speed some of this seems worrying. While I get twitch has gotten more toxic over the years, so has everywhere else, this is only going to hurt the "normal" people to watch their backs.

    "Hostile environment" is a very vague definition if I've ever seen one, and can include pretty much everything. If they were actually going for a straight definition of hate-speech, similar to what plenty european countries have... sure, I see their point, even if you can always argue where exactly to draw the line. But "creating a hostile environment" can be pretty much anything from teabagging someone ingame to straight-up inciting violence.
    This second one stand out to me the most.

    So I will play Overwatch with people and we'll all be talking on Discord. Occasionally I'll have someone on the voice channel that says something offensive during gameplay (i.e. "retarded" or "gay")

    I will ask the people to chill out and not say those things, but is it possible for me to get banned for something another person says while we're playing?

    This bit from the Guidelines is what concerns me: "We are also updating our moderation framework to pay close attention to the context and intent in addition to the words or actions used. Please remember, even if you’re just joking with your friends, you’re still choosing to stream on a service that reaches a large audience."
    Overreaching off their platform too is kinda worrisome too.

    we will now consider verifiable hateful or harassing conduct that takes place off-Twitch when making moderation decisions for actions that occur on Twitch

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    Vague for legal purposes so they can breath and still not enforce it like they do currently.


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      I mean they're copying a normal employer who goes and checks their employee's social media. You sign that partnership contract, they got you.

      I do worry about the snowflake syndrome though.


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        Got delayed to March 5th since such a bad reaction:

        Thanks for all your insightful feedback on our new Community Guidelines! It's important they're clear to everyone and we need to better explain some sections, so we're pushing back enforcement to start March 5. We'll release an updated FAQ before then.