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Ninja "Ninja" out of Twitch to Mixer!

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  • Ninja "Ninja" out of Twitch to Mixer!

    Ninja "Ninja" out of Twitch to Mixer! This is a bigger deal than some realize. Sure Microsoft/Mixer is paying a exclusive deal for a few years but its going to make a few other streamers take a look at Mixer and how it blows up potentially... especially after all the recent bans going on and cultural changes on Twitch.

    They are giving a free month sub to Ninja "Limited-time offer"


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    Stay tuned, apparently more are going to take this chance to flee on twitch. I think its good overall for the competition and better treatment for content creators as its getting harder and harder these days.

    h3h3 talking about a "top 5" to follow ninja too


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      DrDisrespect also gave his full thought on it as well now:


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        The Drama keeps getting worse. Ninja on the recent changes on Ninjas channel and the drama it caused.

        For those who dont know, Ninja is the only person twitch actually altered his channel to show other fortnite livestreamers instead of his base channel. Twitch is flooded with porn and you can see how this is going to get bad quick with his community.

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