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Nick Diaz Calls Out Canelo Alvarez ... 'You Ain't Gonna Win'

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  • Nick Diaz Calls Out Canelo Alvarez ... 'You Ain't Gonna Win'

    Oh Boy, What is with this MMA vs Boxing Beef Lately?

    Nick Diaz saysCanelo Alvraez is fighting BUMS -- and if he wants a REAL superfight, Oscar De La Hoya needs to call him, ASAP.

    He's not joking -- telling TMZ Sports, "Let's be real. Canelo moving up to my weight? You ain't gonna win that fight."

    Diaz says he's sparred with top-flight boxers like Andre Ward, and honestly believes he can compete and defeat Canelo, widely regarded as one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

    "You're just basically one of them little guys I spar before I fight," Diaz says ... adding, "Nothing personal. Motherf**ker don't speak English so he ain't knowing what I'm saying anyway."

    So, we went to Oscar -- Canelo's promoter -- to ask if there's a chance he'd make it happen.

    Oscar ain't exactly saying "no."
    Source with video with Diaz: