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  • Animated Emotes heading to Twitch

    Animated Emotes heading to Twitch --

    Sometimes a good emote is all you need to express yourself. Sometimes you need a little bit extra. With the launch of Animated Emotes, which we expect to make available to Partners in a few weeks (and Affiliates by the end of 2021), creators can add up to five new animated emotes as a benefit for Tier 1 subscribers.

    You’ll be able to manage and upload Animated Emotes from the Emotes page. To get ready, you can learn more about getting started with Animated Emotes here. Time to talk with your favorite artists!
    Also follower emotes are coming soon for those who aren't quite there.

    Follower Emotes (beta)

    Creators have long asked for better ways to attract and welcome new viewers to their channel. What’s more Twitchy than a whole tier of emotes to help newly minted community members say hello?

    We’re experimenting with Follower Emotes, and will be making these available in beta to select Partners & Affiliates. This new tier of channel emotes lets creators grow their communities by offering viewers a fun, free benefit to hitting the “Follow” button. Follower Emotes can only be used on the channel in which they are unlocked. We’ll be collecting feedback during beta to help us test and improve the product. Based on what we learn, we hope to begin rolling it out more widely later this year.

    Creators with beta access can select up to five emotes to populate the new free tier, accessed via the Emotes page of Creator Dashboard. Upload new emotes, reassign them from other tiers, or choose from a selection of default emotes provided by Twitch.