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Twitch Friends Feature being removed

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  • Twitch Friends Feature being removed

    Twitch Friends Feature being removed. I haven't used it in years so I'm not too surprised, especially with discord staying firm.

    We launched Friends to help viewers connect with one another, similar to the connections between creators and viewers. Today, we see the best viewer-to-viewer connections on Twitch happen when we experience live moments together on a creator’s channel, with very few viewers regularly using Friends to actively connect with each other. By deprecating this feature, we are able to further focus on building connections among communities while streamers are live.

    The feature will be removed from the mobile app on May 16, and on May 25, 2022. After that date, your Friends list and the ability to see which of your Friends are online will no longer be available.

    If you block whispers from strangers in your privacy settings, anyone who is currently on your Friends list will lose the ability to send you whispers once the feature is removed. When you follow their account, they are no longer considered a stranger and can send you whispers in the future.

    To follow your friends, head to your Friends list and click the Follow icon at the bottom left of each tile.