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    I'm wondering where we can make suggestions for the LzHBot? Also, what language is the bot written in?

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    Its written in Python and this is the forum area you would do so in


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      1.) Adding a gamble system maybe?
      2.) Fixing the numberical values so its not 500252252 and instead 500,252,252 and easier on the eyes.
      3.) Maybe allow people to change the name of the points and possibly the command?

      I'm sure I'll think of more, I actually wrote my own bot in java here


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        Theres a lot of features we want to add, the reason we're not going to change the currency name is due to eventually we want to add a ladder kinda system on the site which we'd do seasons with for prizes for highest earners, or redeemable stuff like revlo does that streamer can set.

        I dont see a problem with the values being fixed up off the top off my head by i'm no Python coder, i'll talk to Jason about it.

        If you want to join on the Bot project we're working on, i'm more than open to talking to you in further detail about it all.


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          Another really useful feature is adjusting the quest system for smaller streams. The quest bot seems to be more fitted towards larger streams with the success rate. Instead it could take the total amount of people in chat into account to calculate a success rate so that if there's only 3 people in it, you'd have a real chance of completing the quest.


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            Well i've been talking about an overall nerf to the % as some Lz points are out of hand period.