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You can upload your custom images for flags and paintings now!

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  • You can upload your custom images for flags and paintings now!

    You can upload your custom images for flags and paintings now!

    Be warned now if your flag promotes any of this you are asking to get suspended or banned.
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • "Out of Character" Harassment

    First of all please forgive my poor English, trying my best. Be prepared to get different colors in the end. Unfortunately the converter changes the colors a lot. There is a preview option at the converter to see how. Also note that you might have to repaint some parts in the end after you uploaded the picture to Ark.

    First step is crafting a canvas at ARK and hang it on any wall. Now paint just one line on it, you will erase it later at your paint program. This is only to have a saved canvas file at your folder that you can overwrite with your picture later. Each time you want to upload any new pic you will need a new canvas and savefile of it. So save the canvas you painted and name it so that you know which one it is. It will go to: Steam/steamapps/common/ARK/ShooterGame/Saved/MyPaintings/

    Now look for that file and convert it with this program to a png:

    You will find it in your temp folder.

    Now go to any paint program and open that pic, erase the line you painted and just keep the rest. Copy now the picture into the frame that is on your steam ark canvas file. It needs to have a size that fits into it and you may not erase the outer frame. Either you clone the pic with a clone brush into the Ark canvas frame or you copy it into it in any other way your paint program offers, just make sure you got only one layer in the end.

    Save this file now, the name you use will later get replaced so it doesn't matter.

    You got now a png file with your picture on it. Use now this converter to convert it to a pnt file:

    This converter has no canvas option, you select the "direct" option in the dropdown menu instead. That is the main reason why we needed to put the picture into the right format at first and copied it into the canvas frame we got from the Ark canvas. This file goes to your download folder.

    Now you name this converted file like the one from your ARK canvas that you painted with only one line in the beginning and that went to: Steam/steamapps/common/ARK/ShooterGame/Saved/MyPaintings/

    Put it finally to the steam folder mentioned above and replace the old file by your new created one. Start ARK, go to any canvas frame and upload it.


    Click image for larger version

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    This doesn't work for me for some reason. Not only do I not have a MyPaintings folder, I don't have any .PNT files created today on my PC. I did put up a canvas and draw a line on it though. Ark am I right?


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      when you hit the painting it should bring up a menu, look at the bottom part of it, theres a thing to do with uploads. It will show you the pictures (i just made the folder) then it will show you how much ink you need then auto do it.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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ID:	190042 This is what I get when I hit it with a paint brush, if I hold E on it I just get a demolish option.


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          Did you create the MyPaintings folder yet?

          Should look like a path like this ( D:\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\My Paintings )

          Also this will help you:

          Also some other converters:


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            1. Start ARK, create a canvas, place it somewhere, hit it with a paintbrush with paint on it.
            2. Draw something, even a dot because the painting wont save unless you do.
            3. Click the "Save Paint" button in the upper left part of the screen. Type a name in the box. Click "SET". This creates the "MyPaintings" folder and puts a .PNT file into it.
            4. Browse to the Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPai ntings. You'll see a file named like this XXX_Sign_PaintingCanvas_CYY.pnt where XXX is the name you "SET", and YY is an optional underscore and number that shows up for some reason.

            You can use this .PNT file as a template to create your painting in the editor of your choice. It will have to be converted into a different format to edit, PNG most likely, see the link in the top post.

            Alternately you can just download the templates already made into PNG files from the "ARK Paint Converter" link above. You may have to manually create the "MyPaintings" folder if you do this.

            5 Edit your PNG template as you wish, and save it.
            6. Convert it back to a .PNT file for ARK to understand. See the above "Image to Board Sign Converter" link, or use the stand alone converter like the ARK Paint Converter
            7. Copy your new .PNT file to the "MyPaintings" Folder, change the XXX part to a new name if you want, or just overwrite the original one.
            8. Get back into ARK, hit your canvas with a paintbrush and select the "Load Paints from this Type" button.
            9. This brings up a list of the paintings available. Click on one, the right hand side of the screen will now display the colors of paint you'll need in your inventory to make the painting.
            10. Click out of there and get all the dyes/paint you need and go back to where you just were in step 9, or just load up with all the colors first.
            11. If you have everything you need the "Load Painting" button will light up. Click on it and wait until it finishes the painting, it may take a bit.
            12. Once it's done painting you can X out of the canvas screen and it will be compete.
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              Ignore the space in \MyPaintings above, the editor wont let me take it out...


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                I'm confused by your last message, so you did get it to work with the steps or no? Witchdoctor

                if not ill forward this to Epyon


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                  Yeah it works fine with the steps I defined. For some reason on Step 4 there's a space, at least on my screen, between the i and n in MyPaintings. I edited the message like 5 times trying to take it out but it keeps coming back.


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                    Okay sweet