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  • Hearthstone World Championship Winner: Firebat!

    Hearthstone World Championship Winner: Firebat!

    Many capable card-slingers set out with the goal of making it to the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon. After months of dueling, qualifiers across the Americas, Europe, China, Korea and Taiwan gathered to test their card-slinging mettle. 16 skilled players emerged victorious from those tournaments and traveled to California to duel on the grandest stage in competitive Hearthstone. After four action-packed days of Hearthstone, Firebat has won the Hearthstone World Championship! ...
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  • Team Ludendi @ DreamHack Winter 2014

    Team Ludendi @ DreamHack Winter 2014

    During the first day of DHW14 Team Ludendi once again will arrange a speedrun Arena Show, this time in the very nice Rydbergssalen witch can hold up to 300 people in the audience. The speed running arena show will contain runs in some of the most popular games like Mario Kart 64, Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Deus Ex all in front of a live audience. Time CET – Runner, Game, Category, Estimate, Console 14:00 – Flippy_o – Mar...
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  • Team Curse Adds Piglet

    in LoL

    Team Curse Adds Piglet

    Recently a lot of League of Legends teams have been disbanding or shaking up their rosters. Curse has also just announced a shake up with their line up due to the performance in LCS. Curse management decided to bump David “Cop” Roberson down to the Curse Academy roster and bring in the SKT1 titan Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin to take over the ADC role now for Curse for 2015 LCS season. I think its safe to say all eyes will be on Curse in their first match to see if Piglet and Curse made the ri...
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  • Final Fantasy IV-V-VI Relay Race!

    Final Fantasy IV-V-VI Relay Race!

    Some people over at SpeedDemosArchive are putting on a Final Fantasy 4, 5 and 6 relay race with some of the best of the best in the respected games. There are four teams; Dream Team, Team Tellahthon, Team Ultros Boogie and Team Y Burn with an all-star cast of commentators! head on over to puwexil's stream to catch out the relay live now!

    Dream Team
    FF4-Neerrm -
    FF5-Deln -
    FF6-Dreamboum - ht...
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  • Upcoming Changes to WCS 2015

    in SC2

    Upcoming Changes to WCS 2015

    WCS 2014 has been one of the most exciting competitions yet! As we near the finale of Season 3 on the road to the StarCraft II Global Finals, Blizzard would like to share a few details covering major changes for WCS 2015 that will affect the players and the WCS competition. Blizzard will share more information about 2015 as soon as possible. But they wanted to share the following changes immediately so players can start planning for next year.

    WCS Reset For WCS...
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  • New Battleground: Garden of Terror

    New Battleground: Garden of Terror

    With this episode of Developer Insights, we’re shifting our focus to a brand new battleground called Garden of Terror. Senior Technical Designer Meng Song gives us an overview.

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  • Summer Games Done Quick 2014

    Summer Games Done Quick 2014

    Summer Games Done Quick, running from June 22-29, is a charity event benefiting Doctors Without Borders. SGDQ features 160 straight hours of live speedruns, with loads of amazing skill and tricks on display. Various games from Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Half-Life, and other popular franchises are demolished in quick succession. Catch all the action, have a chance to win cool prizes, and donate to a great cause while you're at it!

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  • Team Ludendi Marathon @ DreamHack Summer 2014

    Team Ludendi Marathon @ DreamHack Summer 2014

    Team Ludendi will be running a marathon at DreamHack Summer 2014 and will also be live streamed on Twitch so if you can’t be on location you can follow marathon from the comfort of your home here Some of the games that will be featured are Quake, Super Mario 64, Super Metroid, GoldenEye, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Contra. Check out the full game list and schedule below. On Saturday, June 14th beginning at 20.00 the speedrunning marathon will moved to the aren...
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  • Lzuruha Open #6

    in LoL

    Lzuruha Open #6

    This is the official rules and promotional thread for the Lzuruha Gaming Open, Lzuruha's annual League of Legends constructed team tournament. This tournament will be run by Cinchil (I Have Awakened).

    Tournament Date:
    The tournament will be played on Saturday, July 12th and Sunday, July 13th.

    Tournament Rules and other Info

    Prizes 1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin for every player 2nd place: 2400 RP per player 3rd p...
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  • Kongathon by 2dos Live!

    Kongathon by 2dos Live!

    2dos a Donkey Kong 64 runner will be running a 24 hour marathon completely of Donkey Kong 64 and all it's categories! He calls it the Kongathon and it has begun live now! so head over to his twitch channel here and give him a watch and follow! Check out below for more information on the estimates on the categories and times if you have a favorite category you prefer! Runs (times are estimate start times): - No Levels Early (9:30pm EST) - Twitch Community Spotlight run! -...
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  • ARMAGEDDON - $3,000 3v3 Arena Tournament

    in WoW

    ARMAGEDDON - $3,000 3v3 Arena Tournament

    PVP Live is World of Warcraft's fastest growing community site focused on player vs. player content. They are currently hosting the ARMAGEDDON tournament which has a grand prize of 3000 dollars for the winning team. They will be streaming their tournament over the next two (May 24th & 25th) at 1:00PM CST over at , go check them out live now!

    Double Elimination Format: Eight team double elimination bracket (best of 3 series) to qualify ...
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  • World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

    in WoW

    World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

    BlizzCon Arena World Championship qualifiers are beginning. Eight of the top 3v3 Arena teams from around the globe will compete for a chance to face off in the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, taking place November 7 and 8 at BlizzCon 2014 in Anaheim, California. If you’re an Arena competitor, it’s time to hone your skills and get ready to fight hard for a spot in the event. Blizzard will be holding online qualifiers for North America (including SEA and ANZ) and Europe in ...
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  • Official All-Star Teams Posted

    in LoL

    Official All-Star Teams Posted

    Final round for tickets to the All-star event in Paris will go on sale on Monday, April 28 at 8:00AM PDT/17:00 CEST until sold out. Get your tickets and tune in on Thursday May 8 at 6:00AM PDT/15:00 CEST here. One cool thing for anyone who doesn't speak French will be headsets given out that broadcast in English.

    You can find the schedule here.

    Team Ice - Blue Side...
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  • Killing Malthael On T6 At Level 1 as a Monk

    Killing Malthael On T6 At Level 1 as a Monk

    No cheats, just something that wasn't fully thought of on Blizzard's side. If you get a Hellfire ring with dexterity on it and equip it at level 1, it will give you over 100% dodge rating and the Angel of Death will be no match for you....
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  • Hearthsteed Mount from Hearthstone Live!

    in WoW

    Hearthsteed Mount from Hearthstone Live!

    Show off your love for Hearthstone's fast-paced card-slinging action by charging across the battlefields of Azeroth on a magnificent Hearthsteed! Getting your hands on this unique flying mount is simple . . . and fun! Just win three games of Hearthstone in "Play" or "Arena" mode to get the "Mount Up!" Hearthstone quest reward. The next time you log into World of Warcraft, the Hearthsteed will be waiting for you in the nearest mailbox. Download Hearthstone today by visiting ...
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