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ARMAGEDDON - $3,000 Winner Takes All 3v3 Arena Tournament


  • ARMAGEDDON - $3,000 3v3 Arena Tournament

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    PVP Live is World of Warcraft's fastest growing community site focused on player vs. player content. They are currently hosting the ARMAGEDDON tournament which has a grand prize of 3000 dollars for the winning team. They will be streaming their tournament over the next two (May 24th & 25th) at 1:00PM CST over at , go check them out live now!

    Double Elimination Format:

    Eight team double elimination bracket (best of 3 series) to qualify for the Grand Finals (best of 5 series).

    A disconnection occurring at or prior to 45 seconds into the game will result in a restart of the round.

    A disconnection occurring at or after 46 seconds into the game will result in the round being continued as normal. Should a player reconnect during this time, they may continue playing.


    Clack Clack XD – Jellybeans, Roastyz, Eeluminati

    DGD – Dillypoo, Revolol, Takenotexx

    Go Green – Piecez, Wizkx, Rynd

    Lama Cleave – Ald, Smexxin, Verdantstorm

    Marilyn Fiesty Cullen – Maldiva, Dhorothy, Metaphors

    Shaman Pillar – Nadagast, Iconicus, Hamsham

    TKO – Jahmilli, Dota, Elite

    We Will Win Eventually – Chanimals, Talbadar, Sodah


    • Disenchantment
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      been fun to watch, Marilyn vs We will Win eventually just finished

    • MissFortier
      MissFortier commented
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      some of the matches wanted to make me pull my hair out XD
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