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5/10 Heroic Sanctum of Domination First Week!


  • 5/10 Heroic Sanctum of Domination First Week!

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    The Jailer’s relentless beast, the Tarragrue, has stalked the halls of Torghast since its first spire was raised. Countless victims have felt their souls trampled to ash by this monstrosity, which now awaits the mortal champions breaching the threshold of the tower.
    Within the first week 5 bosses are claimed on Heroic Sanctum of Domination, even getting server 3rd kill on the first boss "The Tarragrue" on US-Sargeras. We look forward to working our way towards Sylvanas on Heroic but plan to scoop some Normal along the way for Domination Sockets for the first few weeks.

    We're currently looking expand our roster for Mythic Progression and Mythic+'s.

    Raid Days and Times:

    Tuesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
    Wednesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
    Thursday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST

    What we offer:

    Flasks, food(feasts), potions, gems, and codexes are provided by the guild. BoE's that drop in raid are given to the Raidleader and sold to fund to this. ( Discounts are offered to guild members who are interested!)

    A stable guild: The guild has been raiding since the end of Burning Crusade on US-Stormreaver and now US-Sargeras has been our home since Cataclysm.

    Drama free. We don't like that stuff, just come be chill.

    Loot system:

    Raiders > Members > Trials.

    While Personal Loot has changed how loot is handed out, if a player receives an item that they don't need we loot council it out to our raiders to better optimize our raids as efficiently as we can.

    Lzuruha is currently recruiting reliable players for Mythic Raiding but will accept other exceptional players not listed:

    Death Knight - Unholy
    Priest - Shadow/Disc/Holy
    Warlock - Affliction/Destruction
    Druid - Balance/Resto
    Monk - Windwalker

    Any further questions can be directed to our recruitment officers:

    Carnagesixfo / carnage64#1366
    Kinoy / Kinoy#1165
    Shadolisa / cowboyshadow#1490
    Jassie / jessie#1383

    or stop by in our Discord and leave a message in our #worldofwarcraft channel at

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    When Azeroth was young, Odyn traded his eye to Mueh’zala to peer into the Shadowlands. Vain Odyn was deceived, for the Jailer twisted the Eye to serve his own ends. The Eye’s unwavering gaze allows the Jailer to see all that transpires within his domain—and perhaps others as well...
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    The Nine?

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    Intended to herald the Jailer’s reign on Azeroth, the first Lich King, Ner’zhul, proved unworthy in his master’s eyes. The last remnants of the fallen orc’s twisted soul were encased in spiked shadowsteel, condemned to everlasting torment for his failure. All who cross his path will share in his suffering.
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    Soulrender Dormazain extracts anima from the hellaciously brutish captives of Torghast to fuel the Jailer’s armies. The tormentor has never met a soul he couldn’t break, but his latest victim is proving resistant to the usual methods. Feeding on this captive’s unending rage, Dormazain will enjoy spending millennia finding his weaknesses.
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