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BlizzCon 2011 Opening Ceremony LIVE


  • BlizzCon 2011 Opening Ceremony LIVE

    BlizzCon 2011 opens up showing the history of all the games they have created starting from the Lost Vikings and going to the present games now. Mike Morhaime takes the stage to address and welcome people to BlizzCon 2011.

    He is currently talking about 4.3 patch and whats in store for World of WarCraft players. Mike is continuing on talking about how they expanded in China finally without having to edit the game and the launch of the Brazillian World of WarCraft this year.

    Mike thanks the fans for being able to raise 2.7 Million dollars to Tsunami relief and make a wish foundation.

    Currently discussing the upcoming BlizzCon StarCraft II tournament and about the GSL finals which is the first time an event from South Korea like this to be hosted outside of the country.

    Now he is talking about Diablo 3 introducing the look of the boxes for both a normal copy and collectors edition which will have a lot of goodies like the StarCraft II collectors edition. But Diablo version...

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    He said there is a lot of Wow people out there that want to play Diablo 3 probably. Doan;p 3 will become free to world of warcraft subscribers. Starting today, the Anual pass will allow you to have Diablo 3 Free when it is launched. (The full digital copy free). And you will also get garenteed 100% access to StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Beta and Tyreals charger for World of WarCraft.

    He made a joke it's only a matter of time that a pro gamer will be able to marry a Kardashian because of the money involved in the eSports scene as of late.

    Chris Metzen is walking onto the stage now...

    "WarCraft players where you at?" Today we celebrate as one he says, because Today we find out what the new world of warcraft expansion is! He now asks where the Diablo players are at. He states the game is almost ready and they are on the home stretch now. We are going to be able to see one of the new cinematics live here that hasn't been released.

    It is introducing the new bad character thats in search for the Dark stone. He is attempting to become the new Prime Evil.

    Click image for larger version

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    He now calls out the StarCraft people, they will be showing off Heart of the Swarm soon but they want to show off Blizzard Dota before they get into that. They are now introducing the Heart of the Swarm trailier on the big screen.

    The Trailer shows you all of the new units being added int he game which some of them will be completely mind blowing and change the way the game will be played in multiplayer for sure.

    He now jumps back to World of WarCraft saying its time to show the new expansion trailer which is labelled "Mists of Pandaria". He said the real enemy of this expansion will be War itself. It's time for the red and blue to get it back on. Horde vs Alliance. "WAR IS COMING". The war will be fought in this new gentle place.

    The trailer is now playing, showing off Azeroth on how people stood up against the old enemies and banished people from the realm and defended against arthas and more. It shows a new peaceful asian themed locations. Panadaren is a new race that is playable and new class Monk that will also be playable. There is new dungeon difficulties, pve events, new talent systems.

    time to go test Mist of Pandaria!

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      looks neat so next expansion is horde vs alliance?
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