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The Gold Split: Feat. CalebHart42


  • The Gold Split - Feat. CalebHart42

    Welcome to the first of many LzH Interviews. In this edition, we interview Megaman X 100% World Record Holder and Speedrunner CalebHart42, on a wide variety of topics, ranging from fitness and cooking, to speedrunning and terrible video games. For more Caleb, check out his Twitch Channel:

    • dcrews85
      dcrews85 commented
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      Never actually got to play this game as a kid. Watching this interview makes me want to give it a go.

    • Drummertree
      Drummertree commented
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      i played it a little, wouldn't mind playing it if it came to steam ^^

    • Chaoslink
      Chaoslink commented
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      Heard a lot about this guy from the gdq's, but never really watched too much of his streams lol
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