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Snashin' at Senshi Con 2017!


  • Snashin' at Senshi Con 2017!

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    This article was written by Kazemaru

    I learned today that apparently, Alaska has its very own big anime and video game con known as Senshi-Con. Senshi happens once a year and is the biggest collection of anime and video games in the state.

    One of our very own, Paradox, had the opportunity to not only attend, but to compete in the Smash 4 and Melee tourney. He didn't fair all too well in the Smash 4 brackets but managed to gain 12th place in the Melee brackets, a game in which Paradox doesn't play much. Day 2 of the Con, Paradox was set to enter into the Project M doubles with a friend, but unfortunately fell ill for a few hours and was unable to play. He later entered the singles series of the bracket instead after feeling a bit better and found relatively stacked line-up against him. He won his first match 2-1 against AKG but fell short against a local Bowser main, Blink in a series 2-0 series of incredibly close matches. He fell down into the Loser's Bracket and faced 42069noscope, a Ness player and beat him 2-0 and then climbed up into the top 8.

    Unfortunately his controller started to malfunction at the time and had to borrow one from another player. As I'm sure any gamer knows, transferring to new controllers and setups on the fly is rather difficult and the new controller just didn't feel right to Paradox, causing his loss against Hary, and Sheik, Peach, and Zero Suit Samus player in another incredibly close 2-0 series. Paradox did the participated in the rest of the top 8 matches as a commentator, before heading back home.

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    • MissFortier
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      nice try, shame there was so many technical issues at the event to watch

    • Kinoy
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      Keep at it!

    • Epyon
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      Looks like a lot were at the event. We tried to watch but it buffered a lot.
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