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LUG List Podcast: Xbox One Games


  • LUG List Podcast: Xbox One Games

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    Out of the 1038 games on the Xbox One, the Xpert Listers present you with their top 10 Xbox One Games!​

    The LUG Listers' primary goal is to make and share lists with everyone because lists are the greatest thing. Twice a week, we put together a new top 10 list on varying topics in the entertainment industry, and record them for this podcast. We don't know what the other people are choosing till they are revealed live, so reactions are always genuine.

    Meet the listers:

    Pnote has been gaming for over 30 years and his passion and sense of humor shine through here.

    Cloudart runs a video game store and has been gaming his whole life as well.

    Porkchop is somewhat of the wild card. He's into games, but never had the exposure to the classics. We are constantly trying to help him with this issue
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