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x10power's Shock Drop of Werster


  • x10power's Shock Drop of Werster

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    Welcome back everyone, now hurry on up as their is no time to waste since we are going to check out a very well known speedrunner Werster. Please keep your volume low as it tends to get out of hand, and I don’t want to be responsible on why you can’t hear. Now that you are prepare take a seat and strap yourself in, cause we are going sanic fast!


    Game Selection

    Pokemon Series - Red/Blue,Yellow,Gold/Silver,Crystal,Sapphire,Fire Red/Leaf Green, Emerald, Black 2/White 2, Crystal, Heart Gold/ Soul Silver, Mystery Dungeon Blue, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Stadium 2, Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X/Y
    Sonic Series - Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic Advance, Sonic 2 (SMS), Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic Chaos, Spinball, Sonic 1 GBA, Sonic Battle, Sonic Drift, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Blast, Tails Adventures, Tails Skypatrol
    Other games - Golden Sun, Wario Land II, Mario Tennis, Pingu: Sekai de ichiban genki na penguin

    Well most likely you heard of either Sonic or Pokemon so you know one is a platforming series where you go to save animal critters from the pokemon trainer that uses them in battles. The other series is where you go out and catch critters called Pokemon and battle against them. Mario Tennis is just Nintendo's take on tennis, Wario Land II is good platformer on the Gameboy. Golden Sun is an excellent RPG on the Game Boy Advance. Than there is Pingu: Sekai de ichiban genki na penguin which is an original Gameboy game that was only released in Japan. I can’t describe this so this youtube video of Werster speedrunning it will have to explain why I can’t.

    Video Quality

    Okay to be frank most of the games Werster plays were most likely created specially for a mobile device like a Game Gear, you know the first Sega Handheld. As well as Gameboy to Nintendo 3DS games which you will most likely know since they have easily outsold anything Sega offered in the market. You are not going to be seeing any screen tearing or any insane nonsense unless somethings goes wrong since DS and 3DS capturing software isn’t the most stable. Only other thing that might cause any issues is his internet connection as Australia isn’t known for its excellent internet connections. Overall the picture looks simply amazing.

    Audio Quality

    Remember how I warn you to make sure you had your volume low and something goes wrong in the game? Well I hope you did or you may lose your hearing since when RNG doesn’t go the way it is suppose to for Werster, he can make you cringe like you never had before. Personally this is Werster's worst feature but it does get your attention extremely quick so I don’t know if it is a gimmick he does this or just how he personally feels at the moment. Other than that you will hear whatever game he is playing at the time easily (even at low volume!) So sit back and relax while Werster speeds though your favorite Sonic and Pokemon Soundtracks cause if you truly want to enjoy them don’t do it here due to the fact we are going sanic fast!


    Be prepare to read a FAQ, Frequently Ask Questions as Werster and his chat hate answering the same question over and over. I hope you are not viewing this on mobile as you are still expected to do so. After you get your knowledge from the FAQ Werster Chat is pretty calm as long there is not anything glorious happening within the game like a gold split. Otherwise just sit back and notice the occasional troll once in awhile.

    Werster is getting a 3 out of 5 rating due to how you need to read a external document before you can even consider asking a simple question. My other main concern is how loud he can actually get if you go into his stream after watching one of your favorite streamers. If you know all of this beforehand you're safe but when you got to think if you might get timeout or criticized at asking a question cause you're just curious at what is going on the stream. After you get past those roadblocks Werster can be extremely enjoyable but as I want this to gauge to new users and viewers I have to make sure they will have a fun experience as well.

    If you are willing to get around the rough edges check out the following links
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