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    Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 Special Edition!

    Since Awesome Games Done Quick just wrap up recently I thought it would be proper to analyze the selection of games and the quality of the event. To make this easy it will be broken into each individual day and games to be posted in order.

    Sunday January 3rd

    Well starting of with Nintendo’s newest and possibly best original IP that has a audience young and old is a good start. Though I think the next two games following up shouldn’t be day 1 games as it doesn’t have the appeal to bring in the largest crowd at the start of the Marathon. Rayman and Kirby are good choices as you want games a majority would recognize. Diddy Kong Racing and Super Mario Kart shouldn’t of been next to each other unless it was apart of block in my opinion as they later have more racing games.

    I also believe racing games shouldn’t be stack due to each one, yes has it own gimmick but what is truly different about each one in the long term. Super Mario 64 is a great game to have in any marathon I just think this should've been push down a few days to gain hype. With Fire Emblem it is extremely tough to place this game anywhere in the event as it is a strategy game and a long speedrun at that but I agree having it as a run to bring in that group I just think this should of been one of the final games so for everyone that wanted to see the end of the marathon would sit back and enjoy something relaxing and not tense.

    Monday January 4th

    The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages is a great start as it has a lot of glitches but keeps the game intact. Also as the recognition of it being a Zelda game which will bring in a strong audience. I never played Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? but it features the awesome Penguin from the Disgaea series. Since I love penguins and action platformer I have to give this my approval and I agree having this within the marathon because both rocks. Now onward to a treasure of a game made by treasure known as Gunstar Heroes which is a action platformer shooter on the Sega Genesis. Jumping over to PC we had a 4 player Left 4 Dead 2 speedrun for all you flesh hungry individuals. Before I get to my favorite block of the entire marathon we have to cover Darksiders 2, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, Transformer: Devastation as well as Resident Evil HD Remaster which from what I heard all good games and I think are well suited to have next to each other since it brings even more blood and gory and robotic action with a extra scoop of zombies.

    Now the Snes/Disney Block that took form here was a delight at the games getting attention were games I played a bunch of when I was a kid. Yes all of these are Disney since Disney bought LucasArts in 2012. So kicking this block was Super Star Wars if any of you that has played this game will remembering how extremely tough this game was and is still is to those that plays it. To end the Disney block they bring in the popular Kingdom Heart series into play by bring in the remaster of the first game known as 1.5 Remix on the PS3.

    Next up was the indie block which finished the day off with Battleblock Theater, Ori and the Blind Forest, Velocity 2x. I personally never heard of Battleblock Theater or Velocity 2x but both looked like fun games to play and watch. Though I have to put extra attention to Ori and the Blind Forest which was one of my favorite games to play though with its story, soundtrack and the challenging platforming. Though of course this is a speedrun event that takes out parts here and there but with tough glitches to pull off makes this game a delight to watch still.

    Tuesday January 5th

    Continuing on with the Indie Block we got Super Time Force Ultra, Fez, Axiom Verge Hotline Miami, Iji, Hero Core, Teslagrad, A Hat in Time (Beta), Cloudbuilt, Kero Blaster Snapshot. Now I know I just listed off a huge chunk of indie games but I personally never played or watch any of these games though I have maybe have one of these games in my steam backlog.

    Now getting to games many have either play or watch Spelunky which is extremely hard to play casually and you just got to know exactly what is going on for this game go smoother. From what I heard about the speedrun is they can manipulate what they get for the first zone but after that it all comes to luck. Now we get to what I consider a interesting mix of rhythm gaming and dungeon crawling from the game Crypt of the Necrodancer. I personally have tried to play this game and if you have no rhythm this game is impossible but is still largely enjoyable to watch when you see someone talented play the game. Luckily we got to see one of the best speedrun the game.

    Now to the most popular female lead video game series Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Unlike the recent reboot of the Lara Croft of Tomb Raider series whatever you prefer to call these games this game is not like Uncharted at all. From what I got when I saw it being played and I still might be way off that it feels like a Diablo game put with faster paced combat and puzzles. Now get your joystick ready as we head into the Arcade and play some classic beat em up games like Vendetta and The Simpsons Arcade game. While it plays in the same style though never feature on an actual arcade machine there was also Dungeons and Dragons Shadow over Mystara which was release with the last 2 years on various consoles.

    Well I hope you can curl yourself into a ball and roll around as you will be required to keep up Samus though Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime. The only tidbit of a complaint I have is how they separated Super Metroid (2p1c) from the rest of the Metroid games since the original Legend of Zelda in between Prime and Super Metroid just draws out all the tension that was being building up. After the Super Metroid run which was interesting seeing 2 people controlling 1 game using only a single controller if you have a time to kill I highly suggest watching this run.

    To wrap up this day we got to see a lot of highly acclaimed PC games such as Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Alien Swarm and The Talos Principle. Please don’t be offended when I say I never played through any of the Half-Life games but from what I saw from the run that it looks interesting on how you are able to grab hold of objects and use them to glitch out of bounds or hop up as high as you want. Portal 2 is another classic Value game which I have played and love boggling my mind with Glados humoring me. The Portal 2 speedrun was co-op which was nice for a change but it made it hard to see everything going on between the two screens being shown to get the full picture. Alien Swarm I really can’t say anything about it as I simple have no idea what it about or how it plays but I can easily check it out on Steam since it is free-to-play. To finish up Tuesday we have The Talos Principle which was release just a little over 2 years ago. Featuring lots of puzzles that will make your mind twerk. Though the speedrun might not be the best thing to view if you want to learn how to solve all the puzzles as they go Out of Bounds a lot so keep on twerking that mind.

    Wednesday January 6th

    Starting Wednesday off is more PC games such as Wrack. Wrack from what I seen looks like a shooter with comic book like pop ups like Amazing, Danger that is very similar to Doom. Moving on we have Wolfenstein the Old Blood which is a your modern day Wolfenstein with killing Nazis and blood everywhere. Though I sat through watching this run one night after work it was hard for me to get into the whole speedrun as there was a lot of sitting around but overall it was decent run to watch but my personal feelings to the original Wolfenstein might of killed any chance of me enjoying this run. Next up on the PC block we got Tag: The Power of Paint which if someone could leave me a message what this game is truly all about please let me know as I had no idea why this run was included as Splatoon and Portal 2 offered everything this game had to offer from what I seen.

    Now if you are easily scare I suggest you move on to the next paragraph right now as we head into the horror section of AGDQ. I personally couldn’t play through 1 of the games I am about to mention and I honestly tried. SOMA which I am honestly amazed that this game got included into AGDQ as it was just release of September of 2015. Next up we have Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs which is the sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent which I am even afraid to watch the VoD on what goes on in this one. To finish off the horror block we have Outlast which I can briefly explain as you are a photographer getting a story of what in the world is happening within this building. You go through some brutal and gory scenes which I will not spoil on exactly what goes down just tease those that like these type of games.
    Okay comedown the spookiness of the night has been sealed away and to make everything better we are going to color with Ink. Ink is yes, another PC Platformer game where you use your Ink to reveal what is around you. I would like to note that this was just release in August of 2015 and already being speedrun and exposed to a large audience. Shifting over to the Desert with some Dessert of Prince of Persia. This time it not the games from the Gamecube, PS2 or Xbox but rather the old school platforming and extremely awkward movement. From what I seen of this PC version it resides basically how the NES version looks.

    Time to shred and scrap your elbows and kneecaps off as well smack your sensible spot on a rail. Though due to the runners being extremely good we hardly got to see any good rekts which I think should be a donation incentive at some point just to show off what can truly happen if you were do the this awesome madness within these games. I hope you buckle yourself in on your ride to your next destination as your driver is Crazy within the Taxi he drives. Crazy Taxi 2 is a short and sweet run of the pyramid mode where you just do various objections like pop balloons and drive off ramps.
    I have to question the selection of Sonic games since there wasn’t any of the Classic ones feature at this AGDQ. Sure the 3 games chosen are decent games. Two of which attempt to be like the classic Genesis series. At least it wasn’t Sonic Boom being shown off as Sonic Lost World is the superior game. Though I would of think the classic sonic games would of done better since they are truly classics I just don’t know if they got the submissions.
    I hope you enjoy NES/Snes platformers as this is all I am going to cover for the rest of the day. Strider is basically you run right slash at enemies and fight bosses with your sword while doing some mild platforming. Battle Kid 2 Mountain of Torment looks like someone took Mega Man playstyle and combined it with a Metroid world. While Battle Kid 2 look pretty intimidating the games coming up with make you sank into your seat and have your knuckles burning up as these next few games are some of the most frustrating games on the NES.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will drive you insane with it random enemy spawns and that dam level. I have to note I am not sorry for the force pun! Next up we have two Ninja Gaiden games and luckily it the easier of the two games but still are extremely hard. Ninja Gaiden II and Ninja Gaiden III takes what makes the first game good and improves the formula with more abilities. Finishing off the NES games we have Batman the Video game which is extremely fun to watch and make sure all you batman fans watch the ending of this game.

    Now we got Blaster Master which is all about a boy using basically a Tank and guns to save a frog. With a metroidvania world and platforming to walking through dungeons blasting at whatever is in your way this game is truly epic and worth a watch. Okay to the last NES game of this day we got the hardest of all these games Battletoads. If you could never beat this game as a kid watch what you had to go though to even think about getting to the end. I like to warn your mouth may drop and eyes will water at the madness.

    Jumping a console generation we now hold imaginary Snes controllers in our hands remember our days playing though both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy Kong's Quest. I was disappointed when I heard they had the first two in the Snes trilogy but not the third game. Quickly switching back to the NES we have Kaizo Mario Bros 3 which is just pure bonkers with all the trolling going around. Afterwards we have the Super Mario Maker race featuring a lot of Pangea levels. If you never heard of Pangea before let me just simple put extremely hard Mario Levels like the ones you see the creator trying for hours to beat his own level. To wrap everything up we got Super Mario World which was a 96 exit race so yes you will see all your favorite and most hated levels.

    Thursday January 7th

    Well get ready to hold your hands to your ears as we enter Yoshi's Island for the Snes. Luckily it isn’t me playing it as you would just hear baby Mario just cry over and over while being kidnapped. Next we head over to a Lagoon at least a game called Lagoon. This shall start one of my favorite sections of the entire Marathon Awful games done quick. While Lagoon is one of the better games during this section which isn’t that hard to do. It still is a fun run to watch with all it’s quirkiness. Sadly and happily I never played the next two games Lester the Unlikely nor Low G Man: The Low Gravity, while both look enjoyable to hold the game not really my cup of tea. Rocky and Bullwinkle is apart of my NES collection and yes it is bad as it sounds. I would rather listen to baby Mario crying than any of the tracks within this game. Sadly the game is coming up isn’t Revenge of the Shinobi but rather the first game in the series known just as Shinobi. Trust me and just skip this game as it has nothing compare to the rest of the series. King of Kings: The Early years, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Hudson Hawk, Escape from Atlantis, Utsurun Desu: Kawauso Hawaii e Iku, Johnny Bazookatone, Alpha Zylon and Animorphs you might just want to just watch and never play yourself due to how bad a lot of these were during the Aweful games done quick section like my spelling of awful.

    Luckily coming out of Awful games done quick we got Age of Empires a great real time strategy game, Wolololo Hype! Dragon Age: Origins is actually a game I put some time into when it first was release and loved the experience this game had to offer. I haven’t been able to watch this run yet but if it is anything I remember from the game, I know I am going to be watching this run in full once I get the time as I got to see how they got this game down to less than a hour. Be quick on what you are going to grab cause the cops are coming for your since you just rob a bank in Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto III style.

    Crack that whip, as we are one of the Belmonts in the next few Castlevania games. I am actually surprise that this whip only run was even consider for AGDQ. Yes, of course I know the whip is the main weapon but not using the sub weapons just makes this game utterly impossible unless you grind and learn every single room. Not saying I am disappointed in this run, just saying I am surprised. Next up we skip “What a horrible night to have a curse” to playing though Castlevania III as Alucard. Castlevania III went back to how the first game shine and added branching paths so you could end up at the same place but take a different road. Super Castlevania on the other hand brings us Simon Belmont again going through Castle Drucula again to slay Dracula once again. All I gotta say is can’t these Belmonts slay a vampire properly? Well good thing they can’t as we wouldn’t get Castlevania Bloodlines or Symphony of the Night which amazes me as they are the next two games. Bloodlines is the first of the series to be released on Sega system while Symphony of the Night created the term castlevania.

    Get your boxing mittens on and get ready to beat on poor Glass Joe, he is still a thing in Super Punch Out right? Well if he not in Super Punch Out I know for sure he exists in Punch Out featuring Mike Tyson where Glass Joe and Mike Tyson get beaten by a blinded folded boxer. Though be sure take the blindfold off before leaping across buildings and escaping people shooting at you in Mirrors Edge as it might make it a bit more troublesome. It feels awkward typing about stepmania as it not a speedrun but more of a demonstration on how skill the player is hitting buttons to arrows coming up from the bottom of the screen. If that description didn’t help think of Dance Dance Revolution but for your fingers.

    Well I hope you got a buster and willing to stop various robots by shooting them with your various weapons within the Mega Man X / Zero / ZX series. I am actually amazed that Mega Man X got into AGDQ 2016 has it been feature in many of the AGDQ. Though thinking on that this would be the first time that the carpet strats are getting shown off. Mega Man Zero which is the weakest of the Zero games is also the toughest of them all. Luckily the last two games are the easiest to stream without getting anything done to your system. Though that can’t be said about Mega Man ZX which has to be played on a modded Nintendo DS that allows you to hook up a usb cable to it. Well I never heard of Azure Striker Gunvolt but from what I seen it looks similar to Mega Man X series in terms of graphics, got to add that in to my queue of what to watch to see if it truly does interests me.

    Ending Thursday up we have Halo 4, Shadow Complex and Paper Mario. Unless you live underneath a rock and never heard of the Halo series now is your chance to learn. Basically you are a man named Master Chief trying to save the world from various alien creatures. Shadow Complex I never heard of and sadly due to limited time I got to add it as well to my queue of what to watch from this AGDQ as the name does interest me. Though I was lucky coming home one night to watching Paper Mario as I simply enjoy that game. Now if you think by the name of the category of All Cards is just going through the game glitchless you are wrong. If you enjoy seeing Paper Mario and just slightly glitch, this run is for you.

    Friday January 8th

    Starting up Friday lineup is Blast Corps. Blast Corps is a wacky game on the Nintendo 64 which I can not simply explain but it's worth checking out if you like madness. Well hop in the nearest Arwing and start protecting Corneria with Star Fox 64. I will admit I love the Star Fox series with it movement and on rails shooting. Though my hype for the new one coming out for the Wii U in the near future you can’t go wrong watching or playing through Star Fox 64 to build up your hype. Banjo-Kazooie is another 3D platformer on the Nintendo 64 along the lines of Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario 64. This is another run I need to add onto my backlog of runs to watch but I don’t want to spoil the game for myself as I have that on my backburner to playthrough eventually. Sword of Mana which was a delight to playthrough myself, through I love seeing this game broken with this 1 player 2 controller as I hated almost every single boss fight for for some reason or another.

    Cowabunga dudes, along with the gang Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. No I am not naming artists I am naming the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here is another example of why having 2 controller, 1 person is a good thing. Next up are the two games that truly got my hook onto PC gaming Diablo and Diablo II. Diablo you go through this dungeon that is just off the border of the town of Tristram. Diablo II expands on that concept but has different areas to explore along with more spells, classes and equipment. Coming up is the one thing I question about this entire AGDQ is this rebroadcast of the Yoshi's Island race. Couldn’t they done anything else in this section. To continue the live AGDQ we have Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu edition. Following the hype of how popular Pikachu has upon the world since Pokemon was introduce GameFreak redid Pokemon Red/Blue where you start out with a Pikachu instead of your standard starters of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

    Busting through the doors is Buster a platforming game on the PC. This game was released before I had my first PC and never heard anything about this game till now. Good to toss in gems like this as the gameplay and graphics were extremely good for its time. Next up we have the japanese version of Final Fantasy I. Up till last year this run would normally take 4 hours but due to a new glitch that was found you can easily beat this game in under 20 minutes once you know exactly what you have to do to perform the glitch. Well , next up we have another Mega Man Block through it not the X series the original series is still extremely good to play and watch. Starting off this Mega Man block is a Rom Hack of Rockman 4 known as Rockman 4 BCAS which stands for Burst Charge and Air Sliding. So besides those 2 added features some enemies movements been changed to increase the difficulty of the game. Well if you haven’t been happy with the beat so far don’t worry as AGDQ just drop Mega Man 10 with Bass. Unlike the first 8 games of the original Mega Man series you could only play as Mega Man. Mega Man 9 and 10 switch things up letting you play as Protoman in 9 and both Protoman and Bass in 10. Each character goes through the same exact stages just each one fires differently or take more or less damage. While 10 cover Bass, Mega Man 9 cover Protoman so you can see the difference. Backtracking we head towards Mega Man 6 than 2 wrapping up this Mega Man block featuring two of the best Mega Man games on the NES.

    Enduring the marathon we have 2 races back to back. First race is the first Super Mario Bros on the NES featuring all the wraps to get to Bowser as fast as possible. Following up on Super Mario Bros we have surprising the dream state that is Super Mario Bros 2. Important to mention that this game is actually a reskin of a Japanese only game know as Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic. This game introduce Shy Guys and Birdo to the Super Mario series as well the only game featuring Wart. Once again warps are being used again due to this being a any% race on who can beat the game the fastest.

    Coming up are two games people of the series will continuing arguing on which is the best game in the series. Personally I think both games are on equal terms in what they deliver with one having a great story while the other one has a great story that is told through more sides quests than the main quest itself. If you haven’t guess yet I am talking about The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. First up we have a all dungeon run though OoT but not in the vanilla game but rather the Master Quest remix which changed a lot within the dungeons to how you would solve them. Following up we got a 4 person relay of 100 percenting Majora’s Mask. While it is a long run it is an interesting run filled with tons of glitches and in game events from FrankerZ racing to Bombchu aiming. Having these games so late in the marathon was a solid choice as it keeps the audience growing which is needed especially right before the final day.

    Saturday January 9th

    Queue The Final Countdown by Europe since this is sadly the last day of AGDQ 2016. Starting today off we have Super Mario Galaxy which is again a great game to start off the final day of this event. Between the intense 3D gravity platforming to the boss fights this game is filled with a lot of hidden treasures. Next up I am going to just call this the unofficial Sony block as the next following games only appear on Sony systems. Starting this unofficial block is Ratchet & Clank: Up your Arsenal which is a 3D platformer shooter on the PS2. I never been into this series so I really have no clue whatsoever what is going on. Next up with have Jak 3 which again is another game on the PS2 I have no idea what is going on but seems interesting at the same time. Now we got Crash Bandicoot another platformer I actually know something about. You play as Clash jumping over pits, smashing crates dodging enemies while basically walking into your tv screen as it is a 3D platformer most of the time with bonus stages being in 2D. Ending the Sony Block is Spyro the Dragon. No this is not the Spyro that is around now a days in Skylanders but the original sweet lovable dragon that we all knew. I never played the Skylander series so I don’t know how it compares to a 3D platformer where you run around saving your fellow dragons collecting various statues and gems. Basically think of the 3D platformers like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

    It’s time to start counting down the last 10 games of AGDQ 2016 starting with Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight is a successful kickstarter that has claim the hearts of many who loves challenging retro games. Shovel Knight takes heavy inspiration from Mega Man with each time you defeat a boss you get that boss’s power. Though we are actually playing as Shovel Knight this time around but a character known as Plague Knight. While I don’t know the details on how this mode works completely you basically go through the game using a different character that has a different attack. If you played through the original game check out on how this DLC changed the formula from the original game. Please remember not to store your dirty shovels with in your kart when you race against your fellow friends and CPU in Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart 8, 32 track speedrun seems quite long to have since there been so many racing games feature this year. Though this is the best one graphicly since it is the newest of all the racing games featured this year. Next up we have yet another racing game which is Mario Kart 64. Luckily there is a gimmick with this run as it another 2 player 1 controller run so we got two hands from different individuals controlling the steering and the throttle. Through I got to address having two racing games back to back like this just drains from the hype in my opinion.

    Now we got the TAS-Bot Block where instead of humans controlling the game we got a robot controlling the movement. Starting this section off and yes again is Mario Kart 64 luckily it is just the star cup which the TAS-Bot just simply destroy. Following we have this 4 way race though a game no one seen or heard of before since it was made for this event. I actually sat down and watched this to make sure I just didn’t miss what was going on but this tiny section is easily the worst in what in the world is going on. Next time please explain the game better or use a game that more people are familiar with. While this was a nice change it just needs to be polish if something like this is to ever happen again. My favorite of the entire TAS-Bot Block was the Brain Age one which just drew pictures of various memes and twitch emotes. I am not kidding that all it did after answering some basic questions. Next up we see TAS-Bot take control on Super Mario Bros 3 and make the game look so quick and easy it's not even a joke. What truly amazed me of the entire segment was the Super Mario Maker All Stars they created which can not be explained simply in words. Basically they booted SMW did a lot of wacky movements follow by dying than appearing in a blank level where they had TAS-Bot design one of the Super Mario Maker courses shown during that game session and was actually playable. Afterwards they let twitch chat modified the level and it just get even more bonkers.

    We’re down to the last 4 games of the marathon now. First of the 4 is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Now normally this isn’t how the game is ran but imagine beating Ganon first and each descending boss afterwards. This was done as a 2 way race which was very fun to watch as each player died at different spots costing them time overall but was still enjoyable watching them redo the dungeons. If you think A Link to the Past had too many deaths wait till you watch Bloodborne as the runner did have some bad luck getting stuck at one point. This wasn’t as interesting to watch the runner get caught up to where he was as he just had to run through mobs. Through showing a version of the game which is basically impossible to obtain since you can’t have your PS4 connected to the internet at all isn’t advise as there is no way for that category to gain anymore runners while other categories shows off more bosses and gore.
    Well it is finally time to learn the fate of the poor animals that taught you so much in Super Metroid. Through interesting enough this run was also like the ATTP run which was reverse boss order. Through that not fully true as you have to fight the 4 main bosses before Mother Brain. Compare to most Super Metroid runs which are already at an extremely high skill rate to be good this run looks even tougher than anything I seen before. Just imagine running through Lava, taking damage from enemies and having to fight bosses at extremely low health. For everyone that wasn’t award the poor animals died on Planet Ceres when it exploded BibleThump.

    Ending the entire Marathon is a traditional game series that has ended every Games Done Quick So far. Final Fantasy IV is the game chosen this year to end the event. Unlike the last time this game was showcased there been a few changes to the route to where there is a step counter which you can produce if you load the game on the correct frame basically.

    Overall I think this AGDQ was very good in terms of quality of games and runners to the video and audio levels. For improvements I would balance out game placements and genres so people can take a set time away to watch their favorite genre for say racing games as there was a lot of those to be shown this year compared to years past. I think the only game that took too much time while being a good game was Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. While it's good to have a SRPG game feature I just think they should of went after a shorter game so they can fill the schedule in with more games and runners. My second issue was the used of a vod for a live marathon when you could easily have again more games and runners fill that block. While I don’t understand the decision behind it I just hope they can look back and see what a time waster it is compare to another unique game and runner. Though the issues are small at hand I am not going to let it knock the rating down from a 5/5 just due to the fact it is a large event to pull off to this caliber. Click image for larger version

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