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Pre-Spotlight Event -- Final Fantasy VII All Bosses by CarNage64


  • Pre-Spotlight Event -- Final Fantasy VII All Bosses by CarNage64

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    This pre-spotlight was just a taste of what was to come. CarNage64 did an "All Boss" run in hype of the race him and Ajneb174 were going to have a few days later after this.

    Make sure to follow to catch all the spotlight events coming! Incase you did miss this pre-spotlight event, we did upload it on YouTube for you to check out anytime you can!

    Live under a rock? well lets get you caught up with the basics. The gameplay of Final Fantasy VII features three modes of play: the world map, the field, and the battle screen. At its grandest scale, players explore the entire world of Final Fantasy VII on a 3D world map. The world map is littered with representations of areas for the player to enter, including towns, environments, and ruins. Natural barriers—such as mountains, deserts, and bodies of water—block access by foot to some areas; as the game progresses, the player receives vehicles that help traverse these obstacles. Chocobos can be found in certain spots on the map, and if caught, can be ridden to areas inaccessible by foot or vehicle. In field mode, the player navigates fully scaled versions of the areas represented on the world map. For the first time in the Final Fantasy series, this mode is represented in three-dimensional space. The player can explore the environment, talk with characters, advance the story, and initiate event games in this mode. Event games are short minigames that use special control functions and are often tied into the story. While in field mode, the player may also find shops and inns. Shops provide an opportunity to buy and sell items that can aid Cloud and his party, such as weapons, armor, and accessories. If the characters rest at an inn, their hit points and mana points will be completely restored, along with any abnormalities contracted during battles.

    At random intervals on the world map and in field mode, and at specific moments in the story, the game will enter the battle screen. This screen places the player characters on one side, the enemies on the other, and employs an "Active Time Battle" (ATB) system in which the characters exchange moves until one side is defeated. The damage (or healing) dealt by either side is quantified on screen. Characters have many statistics that determine their effectiveness in battle; for example, hit points determine how much damage they can take from enemies, and magic determines how much damage they can inflict with spells. Each character on the screen has a time gauge; when a character's gauge is full, the player can input a command for that character. The commands available change as the game progresses, and are dependent on the characters in the player's party and their equipment. Commands may include attacking, casting magic, using items, summoning monsters, and other actions that either damage the enemy or aid the player characters. Final Fantasy VII also features powerful, character-specific commands called Limit Breaks, which can be used only after a special gauge is charged by enemy attacks. After being attacked, characters may be afflicted by one or more abnormal "statuses", such as poison or paralysis. These statuses and their adverse effects can be removed by special items or abilities. When all the enemies are defeated, the battle ends and the player may be rewarded with money, items, and experience points. If the player is defeated, it is game over and the game must be loaded back to the last save point.

    When not in battle, the player can use the menu screen. On this screen, the player can review each character's status and statistics, use items and abilities, change equipment, save the game (when on the world map or at a save point), and manage orbs called Materia. The main method of customizing characters in Final Fantasy VII, Materia may be added to equipment to provide characters with new magic spells, commands, statistical upgrades, and other benefits. Materia level up with their own experience point system, and can be combined to create different effects.

    Speedrunners of this game exploit many bugs, manipulations in the maps and the ATB system to do some incredible stuff to beat the game in under eight hours easily.

    If you want to see how this is done or don't believe it can be done. We invite you to check out CarNage64 over on his stream at
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