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Legacy of the Void Campaign Preview


  • Legacy of the Void Campaign Preview


    In StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void you’ll play as our hero, Hierarch Artanis, as he looks to unite the protoss factions and stop Amon’s plans for destruction. As you journey across the galaxy in the ancient ark ship – the Spear of Adun - you’ll find new strategic options as both your army and ship increase their capabilities. Command your fleet and help save the galaxy.

    The Bridge
    Alongside Phasesmith Karax, the Bridge will provide you access to the Celestial Array where you can choose your next mission. As you travel to other planets, you’ll find the surroundings on the Bridge will change to reflect your current location.


    War Council
    The War Council will allow you to access any new protoss technology and units that are gathered in your journeys. You’ll be able to stop by as your army grows to see what new options await. The preserver, Rohana, will be available to guide you and offer strategic advice as you consider your military allocations.


    Solar Core
    You can visit the Solar Core and Karax, to look through the Spear of Adun systems. Completing missions will grant you the opportunity to unlock and power up weapons and defense systems on your ship.


    Customizing your Army
    Rallying new protoss factions to your side has a benefit beyond simply growing your army. With new allies comes new technology and new ways to do battle. Finding the best ways to utilize these new forces can make all the difference on the battlefield.


    Upgrading your Ship
    While the Spear of Adun has immense capabilities, it has lain dormant for centuries and will need some help getting its systems back online. As you complete missions, you’ll find opportunities to gather solarite which will enable you to power up your ship and unlock new abilities.


    Sky Shield
    Early on you’ll have a chance to display protoss values as you put yourself in harm’s way to help terran forces in need. In Sky Shield, you’ll be assisting Jim Raynor and his terran forces as they attempt to repair a falling space platform. Take on enemy forces and secure several stabilizers for the terran army to repair.


    In Unleased, you’ll get a glimpse of some of the new mission mechanics Legacy of the Void has to offer. As you look to destroy the Shadow Corp’s space station and rid them from the galaxy, you’ll be presented with an interesting way to relocate your base. In most missions, mining out a base means moving your army and workers to another location and rebuilding around new resources. Here you’ll have the opportunity to control the platform that houses your Nexus and structures. Run out of resources at a certain location? No problem. Shift the very ground your base rests upon and relocate to a new position with fresh resources.


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