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Blizzard Interviews Blood Legion BlizzCon 2011


  • Blizzard Interviews Blood Legion BlizzCon 2011

    In what has become a tradition, the World of Warcraft Live Raid makes a return to the Main stage on Saturday, October 22 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. To help you get to know the guild a little better, Blizzard Entertainment asked Blood Legion a few questions.

    Q. What was the catalyst for creating your guild?

    Blood Legion: Blood Legion started out as a guild (clan) in Diablo and Diablo II. Our leader at the time, Zxtreme, got into the World of Warcraft alpha test and started the guild there as well. There wasn’t a real catalyst for its formation other than expanding the guild to a new game. This endeavor, however, amounted to starting from scratch since most members from Diablo didn't share the same talent and motivations in WoW or couldn’t commit the time necessary. After release, as our guild grew on Illidan, we became increasingly competitive. We eventually swallowed up the leadership and core members of several other raiding guilds on the server in order to play with like-minded, quality players.

    Q. What drives your guild to stay ahead of the curve?

    Blood Legion: This definitely differs from person to person. We have some people that simply enjoy playing the game and others that enjoy raiding at a high level. One thing that is universal, however, is that everyone wants to be the best at what they do.

    Q. Does your guild have a favorite raiding moment? What was it?

    Blood Legion: It's difficult to choose one specific moment, since there have been so many great moments shared over the years. Here are some of the more memorable raiding moments that we've had:

    In vanilla, at the end of Naxxramas, the spot for the top horde guild in the US was up for grabs with about four guilds working on the last boss, Kel'Thuzad. We had heard that one of the other guilds had wiped at 5% the night before, and we didn't have much exposure to the last phase of the fight, so we all figured we were going to lose the race. Our guildmaster made the call to get world buffs and just see how far into that last phase we could get for experience, and we just happened to stumble our way through and managed to kill it before any of the other guilds in the race.

    At the end of the Burning Crusade expansion, when Patch 3.0 came out, we decided to have a little fun and kill the Alliance faction leaders for the new achievements. With Illidan being a very high population server, we ended up having to organize three other raiding guilds, which totaled about 110 players, to come along to Ironforge to take out King Magni Bronzebeard. The sheer magnitude of the battle nearly brought down the server, but after about 40 minutes we finally killed him.

    In Wrath of the Lich King, our most memorable moment would definitely be our world-first dethroning of the Lich King 10-player encounter. The amount of publicity we received for this feat was astounding.

    Most recently, in Cataclysm, our most memorable achievement so far was our US first Nefarian kill, since it marked the end of the incredibly long raiding marathon that was Tier 11 and made us the first US guild to clear all 13 bosses on Heroic difficulty.

    Q. What advice would you give to guilds who are trying to conquer current and future Raiding content?

    Blood Legion: The single most important piece of advice is to find a group of people that share the same goals and desires for what they want to accomplish within the game. Do not settle for anything less. Also, make sure you're playing the game for the right reasons - enjoying what you do goes a long way towards being successful.

    Q. Do you have any last words to share before you face the World of Warcraft Live Raid at BlizzCon?

    Blood Legion: Talk is cheap. Can we raid yet?


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