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CEVO - Week 4:2: Lzuruha vs Five Kings


  • CEVO - Week 4:2: Lzuruha vs Five Kings

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    Lzuruha takes on Five Kings this CEVO week 4:2. Sadly after our boys were leading 6-1, connection issues plagued the match on the Five Kings side. They wanted to continue to play it out but it was just a lop sided match with the first half ended 12-3 in our favor and a complete sweep on the second half making it 16-3 final results.

    Captain's Thoughts

    Nothing much to say about this one. Going into the train map, we felt we had practiced an extroidenary amount, and in classic LzH fashion, our T side was monsterous. Regards to 5K for playing with serious connection issues that came up midgame. It would have definately been a closer one if they hadn't had their issues. Best of luck to them, we will see 5K in the playoffs!
    Not familiar with how train works? Counter-Terrorists attempts to prevent Terrorists from bombing the nuclear payloads on two trains. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten the payloads. Terrorists carry the C4 and must destroy one of the payloads.

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      Download Demo: here.

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