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Meet the WCG 2011 LoL Teams


  • Meet the WCG 2011 LoL Teams

    The World Cyber Games Grand Finals in Busan, Korea are here, and many of the usual teams have turned out to represent their respective countries on the international stage. Lets look at what teams will be entering World Cyber Games for their respected countries in League of Legends grand Finals!

    Dignitas (USA):

    Roster: Voyboy, Imaqtpie, L0CUST, Jatt, Scarra

    Representing the USA, Dignitas has been making waves in the North American scene for months, winning IPL 3, taking 3rd at MLG Providence, and qualifying for IEM Global Challenge Kiev. With a ton of proven experience under their belt, you can expect Dignitas to bring well-polished, coordinated strategies with them to the World Cyber Games Grand finals.

    Counter Logic Gaming (Canada):

    Roster: HotshotGG, TheOddOne, Chaox, Elementz, bigfatlp

    A collaboration of the Canadian players from powerhouse North American teams Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid, including MVP of MLG Providence, TheOddOne. This Canadian team features some of the cooler heads from both teams, and have shown a lot of promise in practice.

    Invictus Gaming (China):

    Roster: MikakoTabe, Wh1t3zZ, illuSioN, ChrIs, XiaoXiao

    Invictus defeated both IEM Guangzhou champion WorldElite and 3rd place winner EHome to claim their spot at WCG. With the Chinese League of Legends competitive scene as active as it is, Invictus is sure to bring a lot of experience playing together to the Grand Finals in Busan.

    MYM (Spain):

    Roster: xPeke, Araneae, Babeta, Exterminare, heiN

    MYM, an already strong Spanish team, added Fnatic MSI’s unstoppable mid Ability Power carry xPeke to their lineup in preparation for this national tournament. At the WCG Grand Finals we’ll see MYM combine their experienced core roster with the raw talent of one of the best League of Legends players in the world!

    Team France (France):

    Roster: Kujaa, Yellowstar, Linak, soAZ, Tidus

    Millenium, formerly known as aAa and the runner up team from the Season One Championship has reunited to fight for France at the WCG Grand Finals in Busan, Korea. Having played together and taken second in the largest League of Legends tournament to date, this team brings a wealth of international competitive experience to the table. We’ll see if Yellowstar is able to land an even more amazing cross-map Enchanted Crystal Arrow this tournament.

    Chicks Dig Elo/Team SoloMid (USA):

    Roster: ReginaId, Chauster, Dyrus, Xpecial, Saintvicious

    Another all-star lineup brought to you by the American players from Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming, along with the addition of Dyrus from Epik. Featuring some of the most outspoken and talented members of the North American eSports scene, expect to see some aggressive gameplay from these young upstarts to match their real-world personas.

    Extreme Dive Gaming (Korea):

    Roster: MakNooN, | Rush |, sxspp, mokuza, SixTail

    Followers of the North American competitive scene will recognize most of the names on the list as high-ranked players that consistently scrimmage against Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming, and many others. After an intense Korean Qualifier, these players have earned the home field advantage.

    ACER (Germany):

    Roster: Schabs, CitizenWayne, nRated, Faamy, Yellowpete

    ACER is an up-and-coming German team running with their full roster here at the WCG Grand Finals in Korea. After taking second place in the ESL Pro Series in Cologne, this up and coming German team will be out to prove that they’re here to stay at the pinnacle of League of Legends competition.

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